Monday, March 2, 2009

Train of Thought Film Vault - "Moving" (1988)

Greetings all,
For those in the DC metro area, I hope everyone is enjoying their snow day. For those at work, well, damn...

So I was at home over the weekend looking through some storage boxes when I came across an unmarked VHS. I put it in the VCR, and stumbled across a scene of Arlo Pear losing his mind after being fired and moving his family across the country to Ohio. I have fond movies of watching this "R-rated family movie" with my brother and sister back in grade school, chuckling through all the F-bombs and ridiculousness in the comedy gem.

This movie really has it all, starring Richard Pryor as Arlo, a man just trying to get his furniture back after relocating to a new job after a company lay-off, Dana Carvey as the schizophrenic student/crossdresser he hired to drive his prized turbo SAAB to the new house, and an epic fight involving wrestling legend King Kong Bundy and what may or may not be Richard Pryor in a combination of Mad Max meets Ninja Gaiden..If you have any time during the snow, GO WATCH THIS FILM


  1. i've really got to start calling people "fuckhead" more often

  2. damn right

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  4. I'm really partial to separating the words in "fuck head."