Monday, March 2, 2009

MSPaint For The Needy: John Ziegler

Alright, we've officially hit the deadline for fantastic acts of patriotic artistic charity. First as a quick refresher, the original image that caught my eye:

Ugh gross. Time to give him images he'll treasure for years to come! The first submission comes from J-Wo:

That eagle picture is an exceptional choice, and the lense flare really adds a certain je ne se qua. Unhappy with my first creation, I myself prepared this as a second offering:

Web2.0 is upon us, and that one will remind everyone about the cutting-edge content offered on Ziegler's site. DCJonesy made this, which I think you'll agree is a labor of love:

I've heard it said that Ziegler's only weakness is his compulsion to honk because he loves America, to the point where he'll neglect eating and sleeping for days at a time if someone nearby is holding one of those signs. Next up JJ created pieces that belong in an art exhibition- the images section of will have to do for now:

Seriously click on those if you want to take in every beautiful detail. I'd say our first MSPaint charity drive has been an outstanding success, so now it's time for the next step: sending our work to Ziegler himself. If anyone out there was late getting their contribution to me or had another one planned I'll give you until midnight Monday, but after that they're getting shot across the vastness of the internet straight into Ziegler's mailbox. Will he appreciate our efforts? Will he go blind with rage (which he's well known for doing on occasion)? Find out next time!

1 comment:

  1. Amazing work all around. And this will definitely be the first of many.

    The one with a hundred or so Ziegler faces kind of does scare the crap out of me though.

    And I'll have one more by tonight that goes more generally by the guidelines you set out, rather than taking advantage of the fact that his website has pictures of him both riding a horse and celebrating while playing golf. Those just couldn't be ignored.