Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Train of Thought Field Trip: ResistNet

Today’s field trip takes us somewhere new, a place some of you may never have even imagined located in the wildest corner of the internet. I’m talking about ResistNet, which describes itself as a network for “idea-based resistance to Obama-led socialistic agenda.” Their front page is a gloriously messy jumble of flags, text boxes, and pictures of Obama looking tired, but to find real gold you have to look at their forums. It’s a completely different atmosphere than Free Republic- whereas FR is a huge echo chamber for the screaming dittohead hordes scrambling towards the most ignorant position possible on any given subject, ResistNet is more like a conversation between inmates in a right-wing psychiatric ward.

The topic at hand today is the death of the United States, which happened decades ago according to thread-starter Joyce Rosenwald:

You see, as far as government is concerned, we are
the enemy, and the enemy has no rights.
This week the government took the back door to gun
confiscation. They created a situation where the
ability to manufacture bullets is gone. Guns
without bullets are useless. You now have a very big
decision to make. Do you continue to live as slaves
under the illusion of Freedom until the illusion is
destroyed, or do you fight now while you still have a
Handguns show up repeatedly during the thread as a symbol of revolution. Exactly what use is a pistol against a tyrannical federal government armed with tanks, jets, and nuclear weapons? No one ever seems to notice that this might be an important question. Anyways, Sharon Rondeau picks up the ball and starts running:
DECLARING WAR ON YOUR CAPSLOCK KEY IS JUST THE FIRST STEP. Joseph F. Yates also goes the all-caps route, but my favorite thing about his post is that he doesn’t appear to be responding to anyone in particular:
Who is right about what? It is a mystery. JACK L. CANNON, USMC RET brings a nice healthy dose of ‘crazy’ to the thread (crazy even by the standards they’ve set thus far, mind you):
Joyce : I've been there and done that ,. I was
wounded Three times (SHOT TO HELL FOR MY EFFORTS),
And, all it did was make me more HARD CORE,,, IF it
comes to Shooting ,... I"LL TAKE IT TO THE WALL, For
we Marines, Special Forces, Etc Know how , Not to
mention When ,Where, what,& who . My belief is
Death or freedom,, For I cannot acept bondage,.......
SO, I think it might be just a matter of time....................
JACK CANNON is up there with MAXIMILLIAN SLAUGHTER and GUN KILLSALOT on the list of ‘names of people who go crazy and start a secession movement,’ so I’ll assume he’s entirely serious. Joyce Rosenwald returns to the conversation here, but instead of being a voice of reason or something (ahahaha) she somehow makes the whole thing even more ominous:
I've met a few special forces guys who feel as you
do. They are trained killers. They know how to take
a man out without leaving any evidence behind. He
told me when bodies of cops and low level politicians
are found I should know their war against the traitors
has begun.
Hahaha everyone on this site should go to prison forever. Mftysac77 really needs to adjust his watch or check a calendar or something:
foreign and DOMESTIC!the time is yesterday

TIME DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY! Kim Matott makes an argument only slightly more coherent than the guy from Faaip De Oiad:
It would be nice to get the country back by talk but
i dont think its gonna work.Its not just the usa its
world wide,they are trying to get rid of two thirds of
the world population,the other third to be slaves to
the elite.
The next bit is great, I’ve had to cut it down for the purposes of our field trip though. Basically someone insults lawyers, then a lawyer posts saying he feels somewhat insulted, and then there’s a page where everyone crazily threatens him. First, Joyce Rosenwald:
Grow up. I'll give you some free advice. If civil
violence should break out if I were you I'd head for
the hills. Some rioting people may have read Shakespear.
Later Diogenes takes a break from posting epic-length nonsense to make this confusing non-sequitur, which I can only conclude must somehow be an insult:
I collect lawyers as some collect tea cups and there
is no disputing they are good at what they do

Finally, Ruth Hammons posts a plan worth reading:
It would seem so hopeless that the only solution is
to volunteer for the first new space colony and call
it and the ship that takes us: The New Pilgrims and
the Newest New World! Hummmmmmm from covered
wagons to space ships is a long stretch
isn't it?
Unfortunately she doesn’t know about the tragedy that will befall the ship: the assassination of the captain, the formation of factions like the Spartans and the Believers, and then the problems with Centauri indigenous life (mindworms, namely).

More from ResistNet in the future, unless they finally make one death threat towards elected officials too many and get shut down. Take care, wingnuts!


  1. Resistnet, where alpha centuri is real!


    Who is they? The government? Obama himself? Anyone who isn't living in a militarized shack on Pat Buchanan's white baby farm?

    These people are amazing.

  2. Seriously, how can you read this? I wonder about your mental health.

    I would like to go on their site and threaten to take their guns away and replace them with nerf guns. Then when the revolution comes nothing really happens. Plus, think about how awesome an all out nerf war would be...yeah, awesome right?

  3. JJ- I should register there and warn them about xenofungus. Also yeah, 'they' refers to the shadowy elite conspiracy that wants to kill most of the population of the earth and is doing this by way of obama. that's about as much sense as it makes.

    kari- i don special protective goggles before going to any of these sites. also i wear specially crafted Posting Gloves and a full hazard suit. you should take care when reading these, though- second-hand wingnuttery can be a dangerous thing.

  4. So this is how it's done? Find random posts on resistnet and claim that everyone who opposes your socialistic big government spending is looney?!

  5. Unfortunately you took the most radical thread on the whole site--there are hundreds and hundreds of thoughtful and educational threads and posts over there. There are always fringe groups on both left and right wing blogs. If your purpose was to discredit the site by using just one of the threads, then go ahead and discredit away--I am sure Resistnet will welcome the advertisement.

  6. As long as you're picking and choosing from, why not also have a good look at
    You know, just to be fair and what not............

  7. I think what upsets you is the fact that there is a new-found feeling of patriotism in this country and a return to the principles of our founding fathers. I think this scares you.

  8. Assassinate someones character or a groups character, we've seen a lot of that this past 4 years. If you want to know what is really going on with ResistNet maybe you should get out of the ozone and have a look for yourselves. Instead of being spoon-fed a bunch of garbage. Cherry picking and taking comment out of context is the norm in commentary now days I guess. Of course if you can stomp on someone's Right To Free Speach and Assembly then it keeps you in your comfort zone. What happens when someone decides your speach is "a little out there" and you and your group are silenced? Oh, you say that will never happen? Really? Its already happened to others and it won't stop until someone has the fortitude to stand up and say enough.

  9. Kind of like the same bush bashing and idiotic threats you made against us, now you are angry that it is our turn. All I can say is what comes around goes around!

  10. The people on resistnet are comprised of actual Americans. Americans that are witnessing the "marxification" of our country and are coming together to stop it.

    Frankly, I am pleased that we scare you and cause you to suggest that we be imprisoned. It's that kind of response that is fueling the fire of our cause.

    You idiots can't even see that your rush to socialism is causing the real Americans to drop petty differences and band together... in opposition to you fools.

    Thank you.

  11. How many people here believe the United States of America is a Christian Republic??? Do you believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior??? Do you believe that being a left wing liberal is in conflict with what the word of God is telling you??? Do you believe in a place called Hell??? Will you continue to protest against the Holy Bible??? Are you prepared to face the consequences of your atheism??? GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  12. hi i am a member of the site you enjoyed mocking like a little bitch.but i know how you feel i went to a site called [i see color]and found nothing but racist remarks and people talking about how obama was their lord and this was on the front this site has over 200,000 members and nobody left a comment on these blogs saying they were wrong or over the top and this is one of many liberal sites that see this obama as the second coming ..does this scare you a little or does it bother you at all

  13. i'm a member of the blog that some comments were made about a little bit earlier. check this out, contrary to what other people may feel, that i'm very proud of J.N., JJ, 6.54, Rb & the whole ToT team & their accomplishments.

  14. I don't believe in God, but there isn't anything wrong with people who do. That being said they might want to check their faith at the door or get ready to accept all the radical faiths out there, and yes that includes radical Islam and Christianity.

    You can find crazy/offensive remarks on any website. It is the curse of free speech. It makes me nervous that people are turning militant in their beliefs...whether they be "patriotic" or revolutionary or spiritual.

    I welcome people to be critical of President Obama (did any one pick up on the momentary laps he had on veterans' benefits? I did). Attacking his race, faith or sex is inappropriate. As far as I'm concerned the same went for President Bush.

    In conclusion, Anonymous, if you actually want to have a conversation and have your concerns taken seriously providing a sporadic rant may not be the best way of going about it.

  15. dear visiting members of resistnet:

    welcome! i hope you found my post to be an enjoyable read. i'll have another post up soon with even more great stuff from your site, which i'm sure you'll agree has been proven crazy in a 100% scientific fashion.

    peace out, have a good day, nothing you can do to stop our socialist revolution, death to america, etc!

  16. Do you belong to the Obama Forum or the biased media? Resistnet makes no threats to anyone, and people are promptly banned for disturbing remarks. Do you really think all 30,000 + members are crazy?

  17. I'm sure your scientific post will be as accurate as an Inconvenient truth was about global warming. As far as stopping your socialist revolution, we can do something about it. We can point out the idiocy of your half truths. As far as our mental health...well Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  18. Everyone referencing "" is pretty retarded because Ron Paul supporters created mock forums for Obama, McCain, and Huckabee.

    So while you actually mean what you say on Resistnet, the "extreme" forums you reference as our extreme left are mockups created by Libertarians.

    This is a website where they brag about the gag sites.

  19. Dear ResistNet Guests:

    I've done more research on your site (using techniques learned in secret liberal indocrination camps, naturally) and posted the results over here:

    Post over there about how you've seen the light and agree that the entire venture is insane.

  20. While we appreciate the free advertising, we respectfully ask you to refrain from taking the most extreme comments on our site and using those to categorize our membership as a whole. Thank you.

  21. The one problem librals have is that they can't stand people or groups that don't agree with them or support their views. That is why you all have a problem with RESISTNET it has members that oppose the views of the left and the Obama Administration. People like JN that just go on the site and take little clips of discussions and blogs and post them back is only done to take a discussion out of context so you don't know what is actually being discussed. You liberals like going after opposing views. I am a member of this site and their is nothing to fear from it it is just groups people getting together to share their common views and come to together to make a change. One more thing how about all your far left liberal web sites that trash and slander conservatives and in some cases with they were dead. These sites are by far worse than this site. One more thing this site has over 200,000 members so are you saying they have no rights to their views and expressing their views. You liberals have no problem saying the things you want and think it is ok but when someone speaks against you or your beliefs it is wrong and you go after them viciously like on the daily KOS. I am a member of this site and proud to be a member.

  22. Amen David!!! I am also a member of Resistnet and you've said exactly as I would have.

    Kari - Most of us would NEVER check our faith at the door or accept another nations religion as our own. The problem you liberals have is that you are always shoving your beliefs on us and at the same time trying to take ours away. We are very tired of it.

  23. One more thing this site has over 200,000 members so are you saying they have no rights to their views and expressing their views.

    Will you continue to protest against the Holy Bible???

    Always fun to attack take strong stands against things that no one said.

  24. At my age I should have seen and heard it all but The Train of Thought blogging about Resistnet is just more of the same childish ravings of people who now find themselves in the happy position of having one of their own in the White House.

    Not that I'll be watching, but I await the day when you, JJ, et al, have the courage to stand for something - or against something, if need be - instead of mocking Resistnet members for exercising our 1st Amendment rights.

    I'm not afraid of you, rather I find you irrelevant because of your cowardice. When I have written and faxed my concerns to President Obama I always included my full legal name and my address, just in case he would like to discuss any of my concerns over his plans for our country.

    Just remember, Kids, blogging is not the same as communicating.

  25. j.j. is this jessie jackson.col i have a bone to pick with you,besides crying like a little bitch on national t.v. you picked this goofy eared freak is this the best you could find for the leader of the free world...cmon

  26. ResistNet doesn't have love for The Train of Thought? ResisNet doesn't have love for liberal bloggers? Y'ALL DON'T LOVE US???? well, let it be known then: we don't give a fuck.

    look, we're not expecting anyone to be afraid of us, or for everyone to agree with everything we have to say. anyone who has actually read our blog knows that we're extremely critical of President Obama and a lot of his recent choices concerning the stimulus package, among other things.

    still, we have every right to blog about what we want to blog about, as much as you have the right not to like or agree with it. anonymous personal attacks & unfounded claims about us (i.e., The Bible Guy) serve no real purpose. ok, so not all ResistNet members are "fringe" conservatives. this may be true, but J.N. highlighted posts by members who are and said his piece. if you don't like it, you can turn off your station.

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    I pray, for everyone who sends this to their entire address book, they will be blessed by God in a way special for them. And send it back to the person who sent it to let them know that indeed it was sent out to many more.

    Thank you and God bless!!

  28. Members of both houses of congress are paying no mind whatsoever to their constituents. When you do email or send a letter by post all one seems to get in response, or at least this has been my experience (I email, send letters and make calls regularly), is the same old form letter response from the representative you have made your plea to telling you how great they are and that they are working in the best interest of their constituents blah blah blah blah. The same old tired rhetoric much like the mantra of the current White House that will tell you whatever lie you want to hear only to do just the opposite of what is said would be done.

    Just look at the past two PORK BILLS that were supposed to be Stimulus packages. Stimulus for what, or better I should say who? Answer, GOVERNMENT, Wall Street, Insurance Companies, Car Companies, other countries, Hamas, and Banks. All against the will and of the good common sense and logic of "We the People" who are supposed to be the boss. Then there is the Omnibus (OmniBUST as I call it) budget another PORK Laden SPENDING ORGY that only promises to put Joe and Jane Average further behind the eight ball then they already are. Is any of this making sense?

  29. "The girls were buried alive! He then reported to the police that an uncle killed the kids. 15 days later, another family member died. When they went to bury him, they found the 2 little girls under the sand - ALIVE!

    The country is outraged over the incident, and the man was executed end of July.

    The older girl was asked how she had survived and she says, 'A man wearing shiny white clothes, with bleeding wounds in his hands, came every day to feed us. He woke up my mom so she could nurse my sister,' she said. She was interviewed on Egyptian national TV, by a veiled Muslim woman news anchor. She said on public TV, 'This was none other than Jesus, because nobody else does things like this!'"

    Jesus fed them every day but left them buried in sand? That's a bit of a twat thing for the son of God to do!

  30. Instead of this bickering between websites, how about we fix other issues... Obama's budget is more than every President this nation has had prior to 2009....combined. Another point that may interest you people is; as of now, with the bills Congress has passed this year already, every single "taxpaying" family of three in America now owes the government more than $116,000.00, each. Rep. Ron Paul stated; "if we sold every acre of land in this country, we still couldn't cover Obama's deficit..." Maybe we should all get together and fight for our Constitutional rights before we lose everything...even the land we live on... GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  31. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has launched a new organization that seeks to unite religious and fiscal conservatives, two wings of the GOP base that have often been at odds since Election Day.

    Called Renewing American Leadership, the organization is led by Gingrich’s longtime communications director Rick Tyler and includes leading conservative Christian activists on its board.

    “In the last few years I’ve decided that we’re in a crisis in which the secular state, if allowed, will fundamentally and radically change America against the wishes of most Americans,” Gingrich told USA Today.

    In the coming months Gingrich will speak to several gatherings of politically conservative clergy organized by David Barton, a member of the group’s board and an evangelical activist who led the Republican National Committee’s outreach to clergy in 2004.

    Last week, Renewing American Leadership joined with the American Family Association to urge churches and religious groups to take part in no-more-taxes rallies nationwide on April 15.

    The rallies illustrate the organization’s efforts to bring together religious and fiscal conservatives to promote the Republican agenda, USA Today reported.

    “There’s too much finger-pointing between economic conservatives who say we’re losing ground because of social conservatives and social conservatives who say the opposite,” said Barton.

    “We need to start identifying real allies and the real opponents.”

    Tyler said Sen. John McCain won the GOP presidential nomination last year in part because socially conservative Republicans backed Mike Huckabee while fiscal conservatives supported Mitt Romney in the primaries.

    In his interview with USA Today, Gingrich pointed to several moves by the Obama administration that he sees as threats to religious liberty, including the reversal of a regulation allowing healthcare workers to refuse to provide services they oppose on moral grounds.

    He also cited the economic stimulus package, which bars colleges from using federal funds to build or repair structures used for religious purposes.

    © 2009 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

  32. The Liberal Mind is the first systematic examination of human nature and human freedom. It is the first book to explain why certain economic, social and political arrangements are compatible with human nature -- and why some are not.

    The Liberal Mind is the first book to explain how modern liberal collectivism undermines the legal and moral foundations of ordered liberty.

    Read The Liberal Mind and learn why:

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  33. thanks haluga khan, i hadn't gotten enough of that copy&paste over in the other entry so i'm glad i can read it here too.

  34. Mind you own business! Liberals are know it all eliteists!

  35. which is what happens when an elitist and an atheist have sex. Their offspring, though infertile is called an "eliteist".

  36. The Drain of thought just confirms that the Left wing terrorist are among us. No matter right or wrong they defend a socialist party that is on the way down. Anyone can edit what people say, when are they going to report both sides of the story. Thats what a real reporter would do. But instead they bend the story to fit thier best interest just like all the liars in Washington. These guys are just trolls that want to start a fight. Ignore them and they will go away with this administration. As usual instead of intellegent debate, all they can do is insult someone using all caps. Sounds like another bunch of crooks on the hill that keeps diverting your attention while they bend you over. Doesnt it. God Bless America and God Bless the growing concern for this country. We are uniting and thats what scares sites like this. They are scared and it shows.

  37. I find your little blog amusing, but nothing more. In any site with 30,000+ members there is always the possibility of finding a handful engaged hyperbole. From that point the less than honest blogger need only misrepresent those few as being representative of the majority. Left wing lemming are so easily led!

  38. Hulagu Khan-

    I find your attack on liberals repulsive. Those brave men who founded this country were liberals, and if they knew what is now being don in the name of liberalism they'd be spinning in their graves.

    No, the left wing of the DNC is composed of marxists and socialists. Any of them claiming to be a liberal is a lying socialist who lacks the courage to admit what he or she is really about.

  39. Just a few factual comments/questions:

    1. Y'all have 200,000+ members or 30,000+? I'm confused.

    2. The first amendment protects citizens from restrictive actions taken by THE GOVERNMENT. As we posters on the Train of Thought are not part of the government – despite what you may believe about the equivalence of all liberals, the Obama administration doesn't listen to us any more than they listen to you – our posts DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE FIRST AMENDMENT. Nope, nothing. Amendments to the constitution are not relevant here. Anyway, we weren't and wouldn't attack your right to free speech.

    3. Regarding anonymity (a la the comment by "The Elvis Chronicles"): you're right that we shirk some responsibility by remaining anonymous, and I've considered going public and linking to my other work. But given the violence of many of these responses, I'm not sure it would be in our interest to reveal our names at this time. In any case, I find your thinking to be out-dated: real names don't mean what they used to on the internet, as it is the ideas that are important. Your attack amounts to little more than ad hominem fallacy.

  40. "I solemnly swear { or affirm } that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC; that I will bear true faith and allegieance to the same; that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evation; that I will well and FAITHFULLY dishcharge the duties of the office of which I am about to enter; SO HELP ME GOD."

  41. Before you complain too much about ResistNet, realize that 95% of the content is aimed at being informed about what our government is doing, which is not a bad thing. We can all pick out radical postings, like the many Obama sites that are actually telling kids to report their friends and relatives who speak against Obama (turn them in) to who?? They claim to have a "friend" in Napolitano.

    At least at ResistNet people who continue working in a non-peaceful manner are banned. Can the pro-Obama sites say that?

  42. "Handguns show up repeatedly during the thread as a symbol of revolution. Exactly what use is a pistol against a tyrannical federal government armed with tanks, jets, and nuclear weapons? No one ever seems to notice that this might be an important question."

    Ask the Russians about that after they went into Afghanistan and got there asses kicked by a bunch of people with hand guns and rifles also what makes you think that our military will turn against us , they took an oath to the Constitution to defend us from our enemy's that includes the enemy from within, Read it sometime you might learn something

  43. I am a proud member of Resist Net. I am certainly a proud patriot of this country, and I WILL defend her if the time comes. Can you say the same for yourselves? You say we all sound like idiots over on our site. Well, have you found anything yet of what we say about you? Stop attacking us for believing in what we do. We are banding together to stand up and say that we are tired of the government pushing us around. What is so wrong with that? It is in the constitution of the United States to stand up to a government that is trying to take control. I am proud to say that I am there instead of here with all you sheep!!!

  44. I would say that the ones who sound more like nutcases are many of your commenters. The one I like the best..."they should all go to prison"...last time I checked we had the right to free speech in this country. While I know that Barry Hussein is trying to deprive us of most of our rights, he has not yet managed to do it. What I would suggest is that you children go back to school (maybe this time you might try something other than "public" education, and learn about our constitution. We have no fear of any of you because we know that if liberals had any brains, they would be conservatives. Better still they would be ultra conservative patriots. I am a proud member of The Patriotic Resistance. And, may God forgive you all.

  45. 6.54-

    While you make the unwarranted claim that none of you would infringe on our right to free speech, the launch here says otherwise. The author deliberately misrepresented us in order to make the case that however many thousands of us there are should be jailed.
    Just look at his outrageous comment concerning the military. Not only does he subscribe to the idea of lying to incarcerate those who think differently than you guys, he is also willing to bring neighbor against neighbor and brother against brother to imprison us within his socialist utopia. He even suggests it proper to consider the use of nuclear warfare against his fellow American.

    We are a peaceful resistance with no current cause to raise arms against government. We are many and they are few, we need only ignore them and they become irrelevant. If anyone is militant here it is your group, not ours. It is you people who weigh in on the side of aggression. It is you who pose the immediate threat.

    On a lighter note, there was also a claim made that Obama would easily defeat the professional blowhard Rush Limbaugh. May I point out teleprompters are not appropriate for use in debates? Without one Obama comes off as a babbling idiot. It isn't so much that he doesn't know what to say as that the American people would be outraged at the truth, and he must be scripted to lie convincingly. There isn't much involved to defeating him, just get him talking and let him paint himself into a corner. He proved that himself in a brief exchange with a simple plumber.

    One last thought before I go-
    should your group choose to continue with its deliberate and malicious acts of liable, it will only be a matter of time before you step on the wrong toes. At that point in time when lawyers become involved, the lot of you will learn in very short order that you are not nearly as anonymous as you would hope to believe.


    I shall live free

  46. Amen and amen, Westwind. We have NO FEAR! It is not about guns, though I own several and can use them, it is about courage. The courage to stand up for what the Constitution says and means.

    Just remember, we are dealing with a bunch of people who probably have never read the Constitution or the Federalist Papers. They probably don't even know what they are, and never listened in their History classes because it was boring. The are probably educated in the public school system, and the few that are college educated in state run universities.

    I am sorry, after reading the diatribe that your "leader" wrote, I have absolutely no respect for any of you or your ideas. And, I agree, when you start posting names, libeling people, and taking things out of context, you may be biting off more than you can chew.

    Grow up!

    I am a proud member of the Patriotic Resistance and you may use my name at anytime and anywhere you like because I have NO FEAR.

  47. That last comment was only anonymous accidentally.

    It was by me - a very proud member of the Patriotic Resistance

  48. And Kari, you make me laugh. Man I am afraid. Come to our site anytime you want and we will eat you for lunch you little wimpess.

  49. Thanks for writing about this. I've been on that site before and have been very disturbed by the comments I was reading. Some of them actually discussed "taking up arms and marching on the Capital". I hope the FBI is paying attention to that site because they threaten violence and death on people on a daily basis. They talk about murdering people like I talk about reading the news.

  50. I find the ramblings of this "writer" to be completely inept and just a bunch of vitriolic diatriabe; however, having been a past member of, they can be a bunch of mumbling and self-centered attention whores.
    They have some excellent contributors; however, I find the women to be there so into themselves, the 1st amendment ONLY applies if they say it does. You can be censured, censored, banned, etc for just disagreeing with them, and the director has NO qualms in being the typical catty female. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to be serious about the constitution you allegedly love and would defend. They sure can't defend their stances w/o their inane rules. I understand rules need to be in place, but when someone says something a moderator (via the director) doesn't like, you're deleted, dressed down, whatever..I'll miss some of the contributors and links, but I won't miss them and their inability to disseminate their hate from what they perceive to be hate from those that call them out on their being just as intolerant as those they call in kind...just in a different vein.

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