Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Douchebag Outrage Comes to an Abrupt End with AIG Bonuses

Remember that asshole from CNBC who ranted that Obama's housing bill being a bailout for "losers"?

You know, the one that was staged in an attempt to start the Great Douchebag Revolution?

Well that all came to a screeching halt when it's about defending his douchebag friends:
SANTELLI: Now, think about it this way. Maybe I'm missing something. But the outrage seems to be about M's, millions of dollars, right? $165 million, OK?

But I would think that it should be looked at as a pretty big positive, because when you go from the M, maybe you should try to go to the B's, which is the billions of dollars, and maybe that's going to even enlighten it for the T, trillions of dollars. You know, $165 million is like worrying about 16.5 cents, while $165 maybe necessitates a little more outrage. What do you guys think?

BECKY QUICK: Hey, Rick, I think the real idea here is just the idea of rewarding bad behavior, which is something you've spoken out against in the past.

SANTELLI: No, I guess what I'm saying is it's an order of magnitude. Don't you think this dynamic that the average guy reading his newspaper is really starting to be in tune with this?

A bill that helps people pay unfair morgages vs. 73 exectutives getting several hundred million dollars of taxpayer money as a bonus for bankrupting a multi-billion dollar business?

Yeah Rick, I'm sure the "average guy" would really be in a bind over that one. Someone should probably tell him that yelling ignorant shit on the trade floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange isn't the best way to guage public opinion.

Time will only tell where the Great Douchebag Revolution goes from here. And to think... they were even forming small groups!


  1. i feel kinda out of the loop over here: is the Great Douchebag Revolution related to We Have Them Surrounded? I saw Glenn Beck crying about it yesterday, seems like these movements must be linked somehow.

  2. un fair what lets take a look at this they loosen up credit so good people can get homes,what happens people making 25,000 a year take out loans for a half million dollar home and now their saying they were duped into it,if you believe all this i have some ocean front property in kansas for you, really i do,great view of the ocean lots of sand,we have taffy pulls every tuesday and sing alongs every friday just bring your own lemonade