Sunday, March 22, 2009

Train of Thought Field Trip: ResistNet Part II

Last time on Train of Thought Field Trip: We visited ResistNet, a gathering point for insane far-right wingnuts. At ResistNet they spend their free time idly speculating on the best way to assassinate elected officials and policemen, and writing long typo-ridden paragraphs about the shadowy conspiracy that moves closer every day to finally destroying America once and for all. Not sounding crazy yet, right?

A day after that was posted they started showing up here, desecrating our beloved comments section with more paranoid gibberish. TheObamaForum, a site created by Ron Paul supporters, was brought in as an attempt to somehow say that although they’re insane, the existence of some people who pretend to be insane Obama supporters somehow mitigates that. The claim was also made that the first Field Trip somehow violated their “Right To Free Speach,” a right which even my spell-checker knows doesn’t exist. Among all the comments, one clear pattern emerged: these guys are really gung-ho when it comes to leaving anonymous comments on a website. If that’s how dedicated they are to resistance, it looks like Obama has absolutely nothing to worry about.

Still, one poster might have made a point: what if the thread I chose was somehow unrepresentative of the usual level of discourse on ResistNet? That would hardly do, painting the entire site as crazy if it’s only just that one thread. There’s only one way to be sure- I had to go back, back to ResistNet. What did I find? Well, let’s just say that where we’re going, we won't need our sanity!

The first thread for today is this one, asking about the correct time to begin armed resistance against the state. Robert Winkler replies first- here’s his suggestion:
Now, I too will ask; when is the right time???
let the chips fall where they may.........
Off to a great start! Mftysac77, already featured last time, weighs in:
i also ask myself when is the right time but,i dont wanna
loose a million patriots to concentration camps before we say
ok the time is now.or let the beat us down anymore or
suppress us anymore.the world is watching!!
String together a bunch of partially related sentences and… post! Szewski is a tactical genius:
If we run to the hills, they win. I'm sure they won't be too
concerned about small bands of gorilla fighters. They will
still control everything.
As far as I know the government has absolutely nothing to fear from gorilla fighters, unless Obama and company draw their strength from the National Zoo. Except if "gorilla fighters" refers to fighters who are gorillas, actually, in which case they should be at least slightly intimidated. At this point Mike Durham does the unthinkable, and warns people that this conversation is insane. How does that go over?
Well I would certainly think so since Mr Durham utilizes his
freedom of religion at every chance he gets. Bottom line is
this post broke no rules. Its a discussion, not a call to arms.
Richard Mears is sounding suspiciously similar to a lawyer. After the other thread I’d be careful about that, don’t want to have deal with death threats and angry warnings. Ryan gets back to the task at hand: ignoring voices of reason and romanticizing the fight against the US government:
You know 150 years ago these liars and thieves would have
been tarred and feathered in front of the whole town. We
have skipped that part. We cant go back and try it now,
they would hang us out to dry. When it is time to fight
it will be all or nothing. The time is close!!
Richard thinks the time is closer than close- it’s ice close!
I think now is the time for an armed resistance,or by 2012.
What one can do with well armed men.
Not much, unless he's using a numbering system I'm entirely unfamiliar with. By now the entire thread has gone insane, with Darren R. Young constantly posting pages of semi-related quotations. As the thread devolves into arguments about whether or not the topic is militant enough, chris Diquarto finally spies his chance to post a warning:
lets keep an eye for the chinks and russians when obama
opens the doors for our enimies
Racism, paranoia, a leftist conspiracy to destroy the country, typos, and a basic inability to even grasp what the rest of his wingnut friends were talking about- this is a tiny gem of a post. Alright, so that conversation was thoroughly insane. How about one more? Over here Sandy Staats WV State Director posts a terrifying video documenting the horribly mundane canvassing techniques being used to drum up support for Obama. Who cares? Apparently Susie does, very very much:
Well that just about made me lose my dinner! Wish
someone would have come knocking at my door today as I
have four college males here for springbreak who I'm sure
would love to give them "their opinions" ..
Volunteer: “Hey would you like to sign up for emails about Obama’s policies?”
Perfectly reasonable. Streetsweeper also has a similar idea:

Nobody came a knocking on my door.......*wah*
Had a *surprise gift* fer 'em.
Nope, not crazy! Jack007 brings this one to a close with a passionate post:

This guy in this video is a f@@king idiot and moron and the
people who supoort him and especially the black racist and
robots are truely a clear & present danger to our country,
our way of life, our freedoms, liberties and our sacred
What can I say? This guy is a Posting Artist. Actually, that goes for the entire ResistNet community. This highly scientific survey of 3 threads has provided irrefutable evidence that pretty much everyone on the site is deranged. Presumably none of the Anonymous Comment-Posting Army is brave enough to return and face our withering blasts of Truth, so I hereby declare victory in the name of the Train.


  1. Credit to Jack Napier for providing a source for the obamaforum fakery- thanks!

  2. I feel like this is the perfect time to remind people not to stand on the tracks when the train's coming through...

  3. Al Aqsa applicant at your service.

  4. Wow what great investigation. It's amazing to find a forum with nonsense posted on it right? Hey where where you when DailyKos diarists post Stormfront related anti-Jewish videos? Where were you when HuffPo a HuffPo author wrote arape fantasy about Sarah Palin?

    Where were you the dozens of times your White devilish collegues came to my site to call me a nigger, and uncle tom etc?

    Get off your high horse. These people on Resistnet are REACTING to eight years of being targeted by you. Did you think you could bomb recruiting centers, beat up Iraq war veterans and their families (stories I covered on my blog) threaten people online and off and hold violent anti-American protests and NOT produce a feeling on the opposite side that violence was coming? Really?

    Mock if you want but the left has alienated most peole in this country with their antics. Thank ANSWER/Peta/WorldCAn'tWait for the rise of tensions in this country.

    It saddens me to say, I think we are heading toward a civil war and unless the left distances themsleves from anti-American extremists the right will pull further and further away until violence is the only solution anyone can see. People taunted the police in Oakland yesterday as they tried save the lives of the cops who were gunned down. Will you criticize that? No. So why would people on Resistnet not feel anger, fear and frustration if you tacitly approve of their friends families and loved ones being murdered?

  5. Very interesting-a group of anonymous bloggers criticizing a group anonymous commenters.

    You should be proud, after 2 years of publishing drivel, you finally got some attention.

  6. Drivel?? Apparently you have never read the post on why Dan Snyder is a punk bitch!

  7. Do us all a favor least quote people in context. It is quite easy, for any person, to go to any site, and pick out a sentence or two and claim whatever it is they want that to mean. This is the Richard Mears you quoted completely out of context...for anyone that wants to read the complete thread, here is the link. There is nothing to hide.

  8. Rob, my friend:

    People taunted the police in Oakland yesterday as they tried save the lives of the cops who were gunned down. Will you criticize that? No. So why would people on Resistnet not feel anger, fear and frustration if you tacitly approve of their friends families and loved ones being murdered?

    the same Oakland police force that shot and killed an unarmed Black man in the back on New Year's Eve a few weeks ago? maybe you were referring to Oakland, Md.?

    and I certainly don't recall tacitly approving of anyone's friends, families, loved ones, associates, colleagues, baby mamas, duns, dunnies, those you call when you need some money, etc... being murdered. i don't appreciate the nonsensical accusations & put-downs.

  9. oh no jj has a even more myopic freind look what happens when liberals are showed their mistakes they get worse its anti-american scum like you that will be the end of this country,now your trying to compare a street's punks life to 4 officers of the oakland police force,but thats ok those days are coming to a end and ill be more then happy to use the same line of reasoning,im sure somebody you love has been hurt by someone you woudn't waste spit on

  10. Michael Seitzman wrote an extremely offensive piece about Sarah Palin; I completely agree with you, Rob. I have not read the article because I couldn't find it online; I came across a rather offense rebuttal because no one is capable of rising about these things. I love these guys, but they aren't exactly well versed in feminism, and as a result many women's issues don't make the cut. They try and get points.

    However, the people on ResitNet are not reacting to 8 years of being targeted. They are reacting to losing. I lived with 8 years of bad policies on everything from domestic to economic and was accused of being unpatriotic because it is a synonym for anti-war. Talk about your opinions and you get judged; it is a simple fact of life. They are getting defensive because they don't know how to articulate their arguments in a non-offensive well put together way.

    People who threaten the lives of others deserve to receive some flack. They are discussing an armed revolution with the particulars involving the execution of elected officials. There are words and legal action for people like this.

    And lets talk about PETA, as a vegetarian I find them offensive. Want to guess why? Because exploiting women is perfectly acceptable. Amazing few on the right or left both comment on that.

    I don't believe a civil war is coming. I think these people will go back under their rocks and listen to Rush. The will rally around the right in 2012 and flame out.

  11. Once again, welcome ResistNetters! Please feel free to post some feedback- especially if you realize the error of your ways and want to submit your will to that of the Train.

    Jack Napier- ah great! dti, dta, etc.

    Rob Taylor- Yeah, I assumed it would be fine if I bomb recruiting centers, beat up Iraq war veterans and their families, threaten people online and off and hold violent anti-American protests- are you saying that people aren't OK with that?!??!

    Richard Mears- I've been concerned about the size of some of these posts, but if I do a third one I'll be sure to include some of the epic-length posts in their entirety- have to warn you though, I don't think it'll help your case at all.

  12. your site is bullshit you dont know what your talking about by trying to make resistnet look bad your just showing your true colors. anyone who tries to stand up to obama gets targeted by the leftwing noise machine. if bush had thugs showing up at your door pressuring you to sign a pledge to bush you would be all up in arms but because obama does it oh thats just the resistnet folks being craaaaazy. go to hell you asshole

  13. hi jessie just spent about a hour going thru your blogs,only one real question do you believe in the easter bunny to i only hope your not married and you have your custodian take care of all your bills for you,because like that old lady during the gay lord obamanations campaign rally you really believe you'll never have to pay for anything ever again,do me and this country a favor and hop away

  14. I'm confused. The words "anti-american" are being thrown around a lot here. A few years ago this meant "anti war" or "anti-current-administration". Now that the people using it don't like the current administration I'm guessing they mean "anti-conservative". Who the hell said that conservativism defines "American". If anything, I'd say overthrowing the United States government might be construed as "anti-american", and secessionist ideas might also be validly criticized as "anti-american" as they propose either destroying or leaving what is currently called "America".

    Oh, and "Anonymous": Nobody has "thugs" showing up at anyone's door, and the amount of "presuring" going on is probably akin to what you might receive from a telemarketer. What we are, in all likelihood, talking about on the training video front is an attempt to stir up grassroots support for Obama's current policy, in an effort to show that he still has political capital. This would basically be two or three college age kids showing up at your door, explaining their position, and asking if you want to sign a petition. A simple "no" would probably convince them to leave. If not, then closing the door will. Yet what we find on resistnet is that one commenter offers a "surprise gift" to these visiting TEENAGERS on a site full of people talking about the right to bear arms. Forgive me if this sends my mind straight to "I'm going to shoot anyone who shows up at my door with a petition". Then there's the other who insinuates that her four sons would like to give "their opinions" to the activists. I'd have no problem with that if "opinions" weren't in quotes. It makes me think she means "beat the shit out of them for disagreeing with me"
    Hell, here's an idea. If you're so offended by democrats signing petitions, start one of your own. If someone visits with a petition you don't want to sign, write one stating that you DON'T support Obama's policies and see how many people you can get to sign it. Maybe it will give you something to do besides write hate-mail to random bloggers. Just don't bring your shotgun door to door.

  15. "The Brain of Naught"

  16. anonymous- you got me, to tell you the truth we're funded by ACORN. they give me 2.5K for every article I write. I'll probably write about ResistNet for years to come to please the dark master, Lord Soros.

    jaypop- good to see you back on the train.

    ken- you realize JJ isn't actually jesse jackson, right? as such insulting jesse jackson is a pretty inefficient way of insulting JJ (who by the way didn't even write the post in question, so...)

  17. If anyone wants to talk about VERIFIED politically motivated killing, let's talk about Knoxville's Church Shooting:

    "During the interview Adkisson stated that he had targeted the church because of its liberal teachings and his belief that all liberals should be killed because they were ruining the country, and that he felt that the Democrats had tied his country's hands in the war on terror and they had ruined every institution in America with the aid of major media outlets. Adkisson made statements that because he could not get to the leaders of the liberal movement that he would then target those that had voted them into office. Adkisson stated that he had held these beliefs for about the last ten years."

    OK, now where's your source on Liberals killing people for confirmed political reasons?

  18. hhhahhahaha this shit is incredible

    I just don't get it why can't i shoot brown people when i want to the liberals are the real racists because they want to force me into gay marriage with an abortion

  19. Seriously, has anyone read about Dan Snyder sucking balls?? That man is the worse out of any one!!

  20. J.N. said...
    why don't they ever come back :(

    it'd be nice for the train to have a resident wingnut, someone to shit up the comments box with aplomb for our amusement.

    3/15/09 8:02 AM

    mission accomplished!

  21. Oh, now I understand what type of train you idiots are on.

    Just waiting your turn for obamaballs to bounce off those chins of yours. Obviously leaves you dazed and confused-willing to give it all for your puppet president. I suppose, if you hang in there long enough, Jesse Jackson promised to help with that problem and maybe, just maybe, clear those picayunish minds of yours.

    Wingnuts? Have you watched pelosi, frank, reid, dodd, or the annointed one lately? Have they said anything that isn't a lie. It's like the comedy showcase (they would be funny if they didn't have so much power). These assholes are far from being simply liberal.

  22. Anonymous said...
    "The Brain of Naught"


    In response to ken, by far my favorite commentator of our resistnet friends:
    I believe in the easter bunny, and contrary to what JN said, I am in fact, Jesse Jackson.

  23. Here's a wonderful quote from your very own, J.N.:

    "obama? yeah he seems like a nice guy but honestly he's also a marxist anti-american radical who wants to feed iraq to the iranians."

  24. Yet another quote form a "Brain of Naught" recommended blog.

    Concerning the Obama's economic recovery policy:

    "...doomed to failure over the long run."

  25. really d-bags. I cant not believe in a future without guns. how can you take my america. there is not respect for this forumI feel both for you and your aborted children. the streets will run red with their blood. all hail the great obama-biden! bush lied about irag. dick cheney is the devil.

  26. latest anonymous- you're sending a bunch of mixed messages there, buddy.

    JJ- oh, that explains a lot actually.

    dcjonesy- yeah, this is pretty much what i envisioned, except maybe even funnier.

  27. I too am a member of Resistnet and the Ohio Patriots of Resistnet. I don't find your comments insulting. I find them to be quite sad, actually. As has been pointed out before, you only take comments out of context (kind of like the MSM does). There are lots of good, patriotic folks at Resistnet that care about what is happening to our country right now. We are going deeper and deeper into debt and our Costitutional rights are being destroyed. Has any of you in here actually read the Costitution? Have any of you studied HR 1388 that may get voted on in Senate today (it has already passed the House)? This bill has more than one section that is in direct violation of the Constitution as well as an amendment (number 49) that is very disturbing. Google US Senate and click on "Active Legislation" and look at this bill and the amendments. You may think differently about "the chosen one". Have fun, but when the love affair with Obama is over, don't cry to us. My name in Resistnet is Bob in Ohio and if you have the balls to register over there come on in and let's have a spirited debate. One more thing. We do not allow threats to Obama or any hint of threats over there. We have removed folks for that kind of behaviour.

  28. Bob-You're trying to use logic against the brain dead train. If you can stomach it, try reading some of their trash. It is full of hate.

    Here's just another racist comment by the wonderful JJ. Apparently it gets a kick out of, "Thomas Jefferson fucked slaves." No concern that Jefferson owned slaves, just humor in the fact that he might have fucked them. And Jonesy is so proud of what they've accomplished.

  29. And, Kari looked up from her bong and said,"...lets talk about PETA..."

  30. Oh yeah it's the cops fault four cops ended up dead...the criminal is the poor victim...He did'nt mean it he's been oppressed by years of slavery, because the evil devil white man...America is so evil that he deserved more...more free education, more free health care...a second chance which he got from being out on parole...Oh no but the cops are the racist bastards...and we should let thier widows and fatherless children hear how evil they were! The poor black mans family...he did'nt mean to kill four cops...he was simply a victim...and the people owe him everything.

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    The Liberal Mind is the most comprehensive, intellectually-coherent analysis of political psychology ever published. The Liberal Mind will empower you to understand why the political madness of modern liberalism is destroying individual liberty in all corners of the world.

  32. Jack Napier, the famous porn star and recent addition to the Palestinian group al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, chimes in with, "...anyone wants to talk about VERIFIED politically motivated killing?" And, of course everyone but him is retarded.

    What a crew.

  33. Hulagu Khan,

    That was nicely put but, unfortunately, we're not dealing with just simple minded liberals here. As J.N. so correctly points out:

    "obama? yeah he seems like a nice guy but honestly he's also a marxist anti-american radical who wants to feed iraq to the iranians."

  34. "And, Kari looked up from her bong and said, '...lets talk about PETA...'" That's sweet.

    Do all of you find women who speak their minds intimidating? That's ok, one day you'll deal with your issues, but I'm glad that is all you took away from what I said.

    As far as the bong goes, not really my thing, but I understand the have to be high to try to reason with people who believe neo-conservative crap.

    You guys realize gay marriage and abortion aren't race issues, right? Also, I think you all should switch your position on abortion...remember liberals kill babies, and if they raised them they would be liberals, too. So we're doing you a favor.

    I'll just point out the obvious here; gay rights are human rights. But I am going to take a shot in the dark here and guess everyone who opposes gay marriage and abortion here confuses them regularly with this must be the largest group of people suffering from white male privilege ever to post here.

  35. I support gay marriage and am pro-choice. You know Neo-con is a term invented by Pat Buchanan to be a euphemism for Jew right, kari?

    But whatevs. Keep living your fantasy of speaking truth to patriarchy while collecting Daddy's welfare payments. It makes you so much more evolved than the rest of us.

  36. These days there is a lot of talk from both sides of the fence - some of it is relevant, and some, well not so much - and some of it is mindless and hateful. But one thing is evident - there are A LOT of people who have HAD ENOUGH! Enough of Obama, enough of Bush, enough ALL OF THE CORRUPT OFFICIALS THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE COUNTRY that insist upon trampling upon the Constitution as if it were a simple door mat.

    Obama is not necessarily the worst, he's just the latest - the latest entry in a long and (not so) distinguished line of so called "leaders" and "representatives" that have lied their way into the seat of power, without any regard to the principles laid out by the Founding Fathers of this great country. Their moral weakness and lack of honor is only out done by their greed and lust for power, and it is evidenced by their complete disregard for the wishes of the governed. Sure - "We The People" elected them, but we have been asleep at the wheel for a long time.

    Fortunately for the country though, a growing number of us are being rudely awakened by a "buzz strip" that's along the edge of the road. Everyone who was asleep at the wheel was awakened by the "buzz stip" known as Obama, and we have awoken with just enough time to realize there is a fork in the road ahead. One path leads to Freedom - the other to Slavery. The choice is ours as to which path we choose - but we must choose wisely based on the same principles upon which this country was founded.

    This new breed of American has awakened from their slumber and has begun to stir, and many are finding (or perhaps remembering) that the time tested principles of the founding fathers are what will separate the grain from the chaff, and the forces of Life and Liberty from the dark forces of Death and Slavery.

    Free Will is not dead, and as long as it is alive, I will choose Life and Liberty by voting for people who uphold, and live by, the PRINCIPLES upon which this great nation was founded - and I will stand firm against those who do not - REGARDLESS of political affiliation! My only hope, is that all Americans will join me in this effort!

    "Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation. It is better be alone than in bad company."

    "Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

    George Washington

    In Liberty!

  37. And Kari lifts her head from something-evidently not her bong-and says,"...remember liberals kill babies..."

  38. So.......what would happen if we don't file with the census bureau (let's say the census takers were descriminant), and don't file any tax return, and refuse to pay taxes. Would they prosecute us (the way they didn't prosecute any of DC's tax cheat politicians who hadn't paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes), or would they just call us Democrats and seek our vote......

  39. Nicely said, Rj.

  40. What I think a lot of people from ResistNet don't realize is that by posting comments here, they are simply proving J.N.'s point about their craziness.

    No need to quote you out of context when you are throwing yourself under the bus here. I'm pretty sure these quotes are in context, they are provided directly by you.

  41. Well said South. That's why we pay you to teach America's youth.

  42. So we've got a Bill Ayers style teacher of our children here. Figures. No wonder you guys don't even flinch over the words Marxist or anti-American.

    LSouth-are you really a teacher of children? Do you always teach things you're, "pretty sure" of.

  43. Let's talk quotes LSouth Teacher:

    JJ said...
    Fucking hilarious.

    Beyond saying what the founding fathers would have thought, I think my favorite response to this type of debate happened during the Jon Stewart-Bernard Goldberg interview, when Goldberg was chiding Stewart for cursing too much.

    Goldberg: "Back in the day, the biggest drunk at a bar wouldn't dream of using the f-word."

    Stewart: "Back in the day, Thomas Jefferson fucked slaves."

  44. hahahaha the brain of naught, i'd love to buy a 'brain of naught' t-shirt.

    also laughing about the number of people quoting my "marxist anti-american radical" and not picking up on the idea that its a mockery of... you guys! specifically you, reading this right now! it's a direct reference to you!

    bob in ohio- on the other hand, you haven't removed comments which fairly openly threaten volunteers with violence, so...

    anonymous- Napier is a member of the al-aqsa POSTING brigade, its a different crew entirely.

    Rj- obama is still polling extremely well, unless you want to allege that opinion polls are an invention of the LIEBERAL MEDIA.

    Lsouth- congratulations, you've been called bill ayers for the first time. anyways im still tempted to go back and do another entry with even more context, and let them dig their own graves a little deeper. they seem to think that cutting out long walls of nonsense text somehow hurts them- you don't want to see how scatterbrained the average high-length post is over there.

  45. JN:

    I don't think you have even read my post. I didn't mention anything about polls or the liberal media. You and I and everyone else here are at the same fork in the road regardless of which party we have chosen to represent, so which path do you choose? Life and Liberty or Death and Slavery?

  46. Rj-It looks to me that JN lost the ability or maybe the desire to read and think a long time ago. Mainly just a cut and paster. Seems like he's more interested in convincing his teacher friend that he's still a good little socialist (it doesn't matter what kind of crew Napier belongs to, JN, you idiot). You can smell the hatred for America oozing from these pages.

    These bloggers are either too young to know better or too rich to care what happens to this great country. Traditionally, they're just out of college and never worked for anything in their life. They have nothing invested so why should they care. Everything's been given. Sadly, they can vote. And, vote they did.

    I know JN, you fought in Vietnam, you fought in Iraq and Iran. You give all your spare time to helping homeless veterans. I'm sure you're a very noble idiot.

  47. they care enough about this country to comment on it. unless you served your country as a soldier than you don't deserve a vote or an opinion? if so, what are our soldiers fighting for? for Iraqi and American freedom? or just politics, oil, and not being told "I love you" enough by our fathers?

  48. RJ, I'd like to ask you an actual question since you posted under a name and used complete sentences. Just how exactly is there currently a choice between "life and liberty or Death and Slavery"?

  49. JJ, you pompous little bastard, how the fuck can you feel that putting a couple of letters out there is any better than commenting anonymously. Like you're hanging it all out there for the world to see. You hypocritical cocksucker.

    Just like your little troll Kari says, you're just a trainload of pussies.

  50. Why are you people using this site to bicker when we have more important things to focus on. As of now, thanks to the bailouts of 2009, every family of three in America now owes the Fed. Gov't. $120,000.00. Think about that... Let's say you give the Feds. $10,000.00/year, you're going to have to gross $18,000.00/year to pay that bill. Add to that increased taxes on everything you do, even breathe (thanks to the carbon tax). How's life??? Of course this info. is only if the gov't. doesn't hand out any more money, which we all know there are many more spending bills in front of Congress. How's life??? If this doesn't change your perspective on "change," regardless of your ideologies, then I would have to say you're either very, very wealthy, or you are truly brain dead. How's life??? GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

  51. Anonymous said...

    JJ, you pompous little bastard, how the fuck can you feel that putting a couple of letters out there is any better than commenting anonymously. Like you're hanging it all out there for the world to see. You hypocritical cocksucker.

    Just like your little troll Kari says, you're just a trainload of pussies.

    Wait... Anonymous said that? Well now I don't know what to think!
    And for the record anonymous comments don't suck because they make you a pussy, they suck because they make actual dialogue impossible. But then again if you're calling someone a cocksucker and a bastard that's probably not what you had in mind.

  52. whatever you fagott ass pansies can go ahed and try and make me gay marry my dog but the time is nigh when you will feast on the noxious gas of your ill planted fruit until then go ahead and eat your fucking pita chips and jap sushi oh yeah i forgot when the world starts crumbling because of your precious house negro bungling everything up im sure somebody you love will be hurt and I will spit on them even if they are dead.

  53. JJ:
    Well, I will start with a rhetorical question: "If one does not choose Life and Liberty, then what is the alternative?" It seems to me that there is no other alternative than Death and Slavery. At least I can't think of any middle ground. The meaning is that it is up to each and everyone of us to ensure that our actions, decisions, and speech point towards goals that ultimately will result in Life and Liberty. Alternatively then, it can be said that if your actions, decisions, and speech do NOT point towards Life and Liberty, then by default they lead to Death and Slavery.
    A person's actions, decisions, and speech can be guided by referring to the principles that our Founding Fathers referred to when they were trying to determine how this nation's government should be set up.

    So now the obvious question is: "What are the principles?" Well there are at least 28 of them, but most likely there are more than that. I won't flood the comment section with all of them, but will highlight a few of them just to give an example.

    1) A free people cannot survive under a republican constitution unless they remain virtuous and morally strong.
    "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." - Benjamin Franklin

    2. The most promising method of securing a virtuous people is to elect virtuous leaders.
    "Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt. He therefore is the truest friend to the liberty of his country who tries most to promote its virtue, and who ... will not suffer a man to be chosen into any office of power and trust who is not a wise and virtuous man." - Samuel Adams

    3. The proper role of government is to protect equal rights, not provide equal things.
    The Founders recognized that the people cannot delegate to their government any power except that which they have the lawful right to exercise themselves

    4. The majority of the people may alter or abolish a government which has become tyrannical.
    "Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes ... but when a long train of abuses and usurpations ... evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security." - Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence

    I hope that this post has helped to answer some of your questions, but I also hope that it has caused you to think of many more! For further information, you may want to view a related YouTube video that can be found at:

    In Liberty!


  54. Well JJ, you can answer an anonymous comment, can't you. So very well thought out, too.

    You've got your head so far up your ass, it sounds like you believe your bed-buddy J.N. left his attack open for dialogue.

    No dialogue here. Just the scorn you've earned. You've shown no interest in it before, so why start now. You piece of shit.

  55. RJ: Did you even read your principles before you posted them?

    And in response to your former post on Liberty and Slavery. Do you really think the first BLACK president of the United States is going to lead this country BACK to slavery? Your mother must have dropped you on head as a child to come up with something that ridiculous.

  56. JJ-after reading my last comment, I realized that the term bed-buddy might be a compliment. I assure you, I didn't mean it that way.

  57. Dear last Anonymous poster,

    I find it sexy when a man voices his opinion with so much vitriol. If you're interesting in making me your bed buddy, please IM me privately at TallGlassofAss (AIM) or at MSN Messenger Username PalinPacMomma


  58. To: Headupyourass (AIM)-Right site for vitriol. You must be a regular.

    JJ said...
    Fucking hilarious.

    Beyond saying what the founding fathers would have thought, I think my favorite response to this type of debate happened during the Jon Stewart-Bernard Goldberg interview, when Goldberg was chiding Stewart for cursing too much.

    Goldberg: "Back in the day, the biggest drunk at a bar wouldn't dream of using the f-word."

    Stewart: "Back in the day, Thomas Jefferson fucked slaves."

  59. Anonymous..

    Anonymous, shhhhh, it's ok baby. I feel so safe with you. Anonymous, I think I love you. I... I want you to have my retarded babies.

  60. Dear anonymous,

    Please pull your head out of your ass. more room for cwitherspoon that way.

    also may I be the first to advocate the Palin Pac Mamma as the Alaskan equivalent to the brown munchkin.


  61. Speaking of JN. Where the fuck do think he (?) could be.

    Oh yes, the great investigative reporter must be out there doing a great investigation:

    Cut & Paste

    Cut & Paste

    Cut & Paste

    Cut & Paste

    Cut & Paste

    Cut & Paste

    Cut & Paste

  62. Probably in his room alone touching himself to naked pictures of his dad. No pun intended.

  63. Dammit. No pun intended.


    "Inside the house, officers found "Liberalism is a Mental Health Disorder" by radio talk show host Michael Savage, "Let Freedom Ring" by talk show host Sean Hannity, and "The O'Reilly Factor," by television talk show host Bill O'Reilly.

    The shotgun-wielding suspect in Sunday's mass shooting at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church was motivated by a hatred of "the liberal movement," and he planned to shoot until police shot him, Knoxville Police Chief Sterling P. Owen IV said this morning."

    Oh hey, let's move to Timothy McVeigh:

    "His only known affiliations are as a registered Republican in his New York days, and as a member of the National Rifle Association while he was in the Army. "

    I've still yet to see anyone name a liberal-motivated shooting.

  65. Anon:

    "RJ: Did you even read your principles before you posted them?"

    Answer - Yes - I have read AND studied them, and TRY to live by them.

    Why do you make the assumption that I am attacking Obama? I made no mention of him in that post - nor any other politician. Further more, I don't think you understand how the term is "slavery" is being used within the context of my post. I do not mean slavery in the manner that blacks were held as slaves many many years ago.

    There will be no cages, ropes, or chains necessary for the type of slavery I am referring to. Nor will it be perpetrated upon us in reference to our skin color. The slavery will come in the form of LOST LIBERTIES, and the liberties are lost when we as a people demand that government take care of us - when we demand that they offer us security. Government is always more than happy to provide security - in exchange for your personal freedoms. Remember the screams of outrage over the Patriot Act? Remember how the 911 crisis was used as an excuse to fast track that legislation without ample time to review it? Now the crisis is the economy, and once again our government is using a crisis to fast track sweeping legislation into law without enough time to review and discuss it. Do you see a pattern forming here?

    So - An individuals Liberty and Freedom is lost every time the government "comes to our rescue", and the means of Slavery are expressed every time our government increases taxes to pay for the programs that are intended to rescue us. The result is the Death of Liberty and Freedom for the individual.

    I hope this has helped to answer your question, and thanks for replying!

    PS: There are two videos you can look at that may help explain these concepts even further. They are listed below.

  66. Hey, Jack the al qaeda applicant is back. What makes you think anyone gives a shit what you're asking, Jack.

  67. Hey Jack-are you sticking around for the live blog. Should be cool.

    One idiot blogging about another idiot.

    JN should be back from his investigating soon, too. Never a dull moment with "The Drained of Thought" Crew, is there?

  68. Dear every anonymous posters everywhere,

    You touch my heart. I wish I could have all of your retarded babies.

    yours eternally

  69. Whew, sorry about my absence! I'd again remind Anonymous that Napier is a member of the Al-Aqsa Posting Brigade, a movement mostly unaffiliated with al-qaeda or the al-aqsa martyrs brigade.

    You guys made some astoundingly accurate guesses though- I am actually working on a third installment! It might have to wait a day or two thanks to having a job and all (Train of Thought writers have jobs and don't actually live off the government?! *monocle pops out*), but I'll post a link here when I'm done!

    In the mean time do me a favor and make sure NOT to stop posting psychotic rants.


  71. JN, I'll bet you're....a liberal commie :smugdog:

    That's right. I went there. What now libtard?

    @the various right wing anons - all y'all jailniggas is gay. Feel free to troll away at me as well.

  72. New entry posted over here:

    Feel free to keep posting here if you want, but all the cool kids are headed over thataways.

  73. I am off to see the "Global Scheme" about the current state of this nation.

  74. @ Bob in Ohio:

    First off, I'm happy to hear that ResistNet (at least in principle) bans openly violent speech. I say that without sarcasm, as I have written several posts lauding conservatives for speaking out against such hate.

    But I do have to wonder about your comments regarding HR 1388. It just looks like an education funding bill to me. Can you be specific about the problem? More worryingly for your purposes, the amendments don't go as high as 49, but stop at 43. So, I must ask: what are you talking about?

    (Also, in general, it is considered poor etiquette not to link directly to the story or legislation in question when a direct link is available. It makes it seem like you're just leading people down the garden path... which, until you make a specific point rather than vague unverifiable generalizations, I must assume you are.)

    In any case, The Train is on record as being highly suspicious of the Obama Administration, which you would know if you didn't just leap to conclusions about our political opinions. In fact, we believe that a number of things they're doing may be unconstitutional or in violation of international law.

    I'm happy to engage you in debate, but you're going to have to do better than you've been doing for it to be worth my time.

    @ Rj: Yo, I actually think I agree with everything you've written. But like Bob, I must fault your specificity: two people could follow the principles you've laid down to a T and still live completely different lifestyles, with completely different opinions about how the government should approach problems. Hell, they could disagree about whether we need government at all.

    Which is to say: thank you for the philosophical refresher but it is not explicit enough to meet my needs.

    Your statement will be functionally meaningless until you non-reflexively define words like SLAVERY and LIBERTY, and provide specific recourse that we can substantively agree or disagree about for communicable (and preferably verifiable) reasons.

  75. Look here...the amendments go past 43 as you said:[1-43](Amendments_For_H.R.1388)&./temp/~bdWH9N
    Read 49.
    Also, in the house version Title VI, section 6401 stated:

    "(6) Whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed, and how such a requirement could be implemented in a manner that would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds."
    A) Amendment 49 is a direct violation of the Constitution.
    B) Title VI is a commision to see if it is feasable to make service mandatory...again a violation of the Constitution.
    If you want to debate me, fine, but get your facts straight.

  76. To 6.54:
    Well I must say I am glad that we at least have found some sort of common ground - that is good thing! No two people will ever agree on all things - such is the nature of man.

    I do not claim to be any sort of scholar on the matters of "principle", however I would consider myself to be an avid student. I am always learning. It can be said that if you never change position, then you are not learning anything new - how true that is!

    That is why my presence here in the blogs has not been to denigrate any particular point of view or to take sides with any particular political party. My intention is only to sow seeds of knowledge, in the expectation that perhaps others will consider what I have to say, and that then they might look further into these subjects in order to decide if there is any credible substance or truth to be found.

    I hope that I have achieved that goal with you and others here.

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply!

    In Liberty,

  77. 6.54:
    Click on YOUR OWN link to "amendments". It goes way beyond 43 of them.

  78. Kari said:"People who threaten the lives of others deserve to receive some flack. They are discussing an armed revolution with the particulars involving the execution of elected officials. There are words and legal action for people like this."

    I couldn't agree more!" People like Gabriel Range, Varon BK Sharma, and Nicholson Baker—just for starters, and not including the thousands of related blog posts and articles—should be held account by the fullest extent of legal action possible!

    Kari said:"Do all of you find women who speak their minds intimidating?

    Kari, this would only apply to those women who actually have "minds" to speak of. What you euphemistically regard as "intimidating" is usually
    refered to, and commonly taken as "bitching".

    Jaypop30 said:"This would basically be two or three college age kids showing up at your door, explaining their position, and asking if you want to sign a petition. A simple "no" would probably convince them to leave. If not, then closing the door will."

    I agree that over-reacting by pulling out a gun on a nice, clean and articulate college kid would be a little over-the-top. Manners and etiquette should be foremost. Offer them a cup of Kool-Aid (Pinko Lemonade-flavored) first, and then politely tell them, "No, thank you."

    6.54 said:"In any case, The Train is on record as being highly suspicious of the Obama Administration, which you would know if you didn't just leap to conclusions about our political opinions. In fact, we believe that a number of things they're doing may be unconstitutional or in violation of international law."

    This is quite a confession! Are you sure you want to go public with this? Somehow, this purported "record"
    doesn't obviously pop out to anyone. I like the mention about "not jumping to conclusions" when it comes to
    judging your political views, but somehow that courtesy is ignored when it regards others not part of your blog.

    cwitherspoon said:"Dear every anonymous posters everywhere, You touch my heart. I wish I could have all of your retarded babies."

    Not ready for Prime Time. Go back to reading your "TigerBeat" magazine and playing with your "Bratz" dolls.

  79. Rotflmao, at all of you feeble minded idiots. You are not worth the bullets it would take to shoot you, so you certainly don't have to worry about any of us.

  80. My being a curret member of resistnet was a serious evolution. I was a Hillary supporter and I actually went to D.C. and saw what the DNC pulled off. It was nothing short of the political lynching of democracy. Has anyone bothered to read the bylaws of the DNC? If you had, then you would understand why I walked away in total disbelief that Obama had been selected by the DNC. I returned home and found others who felt the same as I did. We called ourselves PUMAS. As time went on I grew to realize that I only had one real alternative to Obama and that was to join the McCain ranks . Note: after 5/31, I changed parties, I am not a democrate NOW but an first. So I contributed to McCain and did all I could do to see that he would win. After Obama took office and I started to see my fears of his socialist agenda become a reality, I found a site that told me about I signed up immediately and went and met someone locally who also was a member. It was decided when our state would have its first meeting. I went and I did not see the people you mentioned. I met ordinary folks who share my concern about our country and what Obama is doing to it. Again, I heard NOTHING about any violence only a movement to help insure that the elected officals who support Obama would have a difficult time being elected in the future. You and your readers should not fear more change as we merely want our country's policies to reflect COUNTRY FIRST! I only sound scary if it concerns you that I have grit and I am filled with determination based upon the notion that my grandchild have the absolute right to the American Dream. Reality makes some strange bedfellows doesn't it?

  81. Anonymous said...
    "Rotflmao, at all of you feeble minded idiots. You are not worth the bullets it would take to shoot you, so you certainly don't have to worry about any of us."



    *~',.* MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! *,.'~*

  82. Everyone from ResistNet who has posted here is currently on Government Watch List #451-B.

    Long live the Communist People's Free Democratic Republic Proto-Industrial Marxist Complex of the Obaminated States of America.

    Do not move. Vans will be by to pick you up within the month. We can find you. We have eyes everywhere. Holes like eyes. Eyes like holes.