Monday, March 16, 2009

Cramer's Day of the Stewarts

photo by REUTERS/Anders Krusberg-The Martha Stewart Show/Handout

For our second humorous note of the morning, photo editing blog BAGnewsNotes adds the following commentary to the above picture of Jim Cramer and Martha Stewart:

I wonder what the chances are that Jim Cramer will actually clean up his act given that he spent the morning of his Jon Stewart interview making dough with perhaps America's most famous and unrepentant insider-trading convicts. And then, the symbolism is classic, isn't it, the two of them actually making dough together? (Or, making dough making dough, I guess.) (And that's not even bringing up how Martha told Jim just to pretend he was pounding on the other Stewart.)

And indeed, to say the least, whosoever chose to put Cramer on stage with two Stewarts in the same day – one who is quite famous for her insider trading, the other who was openly planning to eviscerate him on national television – was probably not thinking with the imaging/branding part of the corporate brain.

Or, just maybe, they were. What comes next for Mr. Cramer, after all?

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