Friday, March 6, 2009

Jon Stewart Destroys CNBC/ Colbert lets Glenn Beck Destroy Himself

For those who didn't already see it, Jon Stewart at his finest:

Update: I'll add these two Colbert clips too, because this has been one of the best weeks for the Daily Show/Colbert in recent memory. The best part about the first clip, is that you couldn't make up something crazier than what Glenn Beck is actually doing.


  1. doom bunker was great. i loved how he ended with a scenario that was actually possible and good but meant socialism works and they thought it was just as implausible as a werewolf congress. paraphrasing (at least from my point of view) he pretty much said "well if everything works out for the best and the United States is rewarded with a new age of peace and prosperity I'm just gonna have to rethink my life cause that's not at all what I had in mind for our future."

  2. Stewart was great, and I'm disappointed I missed that one. However, I'm wondering why you don't begin each post by addressing the nation?

  3. Some things demand ridicule. Thank you Faux News for constantly filling that role.