Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Train of Thought Field Trip: ResistNet Part III: The Dramatic Conclusion

Last time on Train of Thought Field Trip: After being told by visiting ResistNetters that we had somehow chosen the only crazy thread on the entire site for the first Field Trip, the second Field Trip showcased two all-new exercises in lunacy. With their initial argument disproved, the ResistNetters faced a difficult choice: give up and go home, or make up something else as a last-ditch attempt to appear sane? The second one proved more tempting, and from that came the claims that we took their comments “out of context.”

It is with that in mind that I now present the third trip to ResistNet, featuring three threads. For the last two Field Trips I’ve cut down a handful of the transcriptions because of length, but each comment here appears completely unchanged- none of their psychotic ramblings have been abridged in any way. I warned them last time that this wouldn’t help their case, that leaving out a bunch of rambling aimless conspiracy theories actually helps them, but they didn’t listen. Behold ResistNet as you’ve never seen it before!

In my first journeys into the site I hadn’t noticed anything particularly racist, which seemed weird for such a far-right site. This thread by Cindy McGee Mo Dist 9 Coord changes that completely- after a video about the evils of Islam the racists go wild. Repeat offender Jack007 starts us off nicely:
Islam is a death cult based on murder, torture,
rape, Violent jihad, supremacism and death to
ALL non-believers.
Speaks for itself, really. Clifton.C breaks it down in a nice, easy way:
They are the ENEMY!!!!!!! there so called bible,
is filled with hate, let me explain we love life,
Muslims love death
Good to know that Muslims love death, eh? That’ll come as a real shock to the Muslims I know, I hope they aren’t upset to find out that they don’t actually love life. RabidRex posts a call to arms:
If the biggest threats to America are socialist
liberals and Islam, how did we end up with such
a dangerous weanie wrap running the show in

Never under estimate the ignorance and stupidity
of American voters! Never underestimate how much
the jihadists hate you. Action is required and the
time is fast approaching when it will be too late
if action isn't taken. What happened to all the
militias? About time they clean house in America!

When he says ‘clean house in America,’ am I to take it that he wants militias to go after Muslims and ‘socialist liberals’? I’m not sure how else one is supposed to read that. Maybe he actually meant something perfectly innocuous, like having militias start house-cleaning services or something?
On to the next thread,where the thread starter claims that all guns will be confiscated by September. Michigan Patriot starts out looking like he might be a voice of reason, but then something goes terribly awry:
Yeah, I read about this yesterday but it's
something that would be difficult to confirm.
It may be true but you need multiple sources for
it to have credibility. If it is true there's
only a couple ways they could make that happen
in such a short period of time. It would mean that
they would need to bring in 300,000-500,000 UN
troops with heavy artillary and also use chemical
weapons. It's very possible, I wouldn't put
anything past Obama and this evil government and
the globalists that control them. My research
concludes that there already is foreign troops in
our country along with UN and other foreign
military armored vehicles. It certainly wouldn't
be a stretch to say this couldn't happen. If this
is true or not, sometime in the near future we will
be in for the battle of our lives. Get ready, it's
More context sure helped this guy! Pretty realistic scenario he's envisioned there. Oh and also there are already foreign troops inside our country according to his 'research,' good thing the LIEBERAL MEDIA won’t report it, right? John P. has a flair for the dramatic:
You can get my Gun out of my Cold Dead Hands.
That Sounds like An invitation Doesn’t It. I’ll Call lord soros and aCORN Tonight And Ask Them to send obama Brown shirts To Get You.  Cheryl stops the thread derail by posting more entirely factual information about the UN:
It is part of the UN Millenium Declaration that
is part of the Global Poverty Act. This gives
the UN Army the RIGHT to enter America and disarm
it's Citizens.
1) The UN Millenium Goals were setup in 2000, and
are a stated part of the Bush Administration's
foreign policy.
2) This act doesn't setup any budgetary
requirements all it does is "require the President
to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy"
for a foreign policy which is already in effect
since 2000.
3) this is not Obama's bill, its a companion bill
to the first bill introduced in the House by Adam
Smith, but Obama supported this bill when he was
in the Senate.
UN Global Poverty Act requires US to pay 845
billion to the UN and adhere to UN treaties. Also
Sets up international courts that supersede our
courts. Money will not be used in the US .
I like the last sentence best, apparently we’re moving towards a post-currency utopia? But it’s a bad thing? Perhaps she’ll post over here and clarify. John C Matthews is up next:
Hi Sandy, the second time I have seen this one
today. Are there any verifications from more
friendly source than Kremlin spokesmen? I have some
reservations on this story. Could you furnish any
kind of statement from any Western news source. I
know the mainstream media is in the tank, but there
are a couple of sources like Politico and CNS.com.
Very disturbing.
Yes- no believable sources, yet still ‘very disturbing.’ Does John C Matthews look at pictures of Bat Boy on tabloid covers and shiver, chilled to the core by the very believable existence of a hideous bat-child? This is pretty much the political news equivalent of that. Our third and final thread takes us to another ridiculous story, where an Israeli fake psychologist has been writing about how awful Obama is. Fight the Power actually calls out the thread-starter on how absurd the whole thing is:
I always make it a habit to check the authenticity
of anything forwarded by email. According to
snopes.com, Dr. Sam Vaknin is not a psychologist,
nor is he a mental health professional in any
respect. The "Dr." refers to a doctorate in
philosophy from the unaccredited Pacific Western
University. The article cited was composed by
someone else with a few bits of actual material
from Mr. Vaknin. Please authenticate things like
this before you post them - it does our cause no
good to be citing fraudulent articles.
Also, it turns out Vaknin has gotten in trouble for making up all sorts of things before while claiming to be a doctor. How do the ResistNetters react to this sobering bit of information? John takes it in stride:
I see nothing here that would indicate this is a
"Fraudulent Article" as you say, So I figure that
your statement is just a matter of your own opinion.

SNOPES? Please! I don't put ANY stake on what snopes
says, as they tend to be biased towards the left

I don't see where "DR." Sam Vaknin's being a "Mental
Health Professional" or not, discredits his opinion
what so ever, he is a recognised authority on the
subjuct who has voiced his opinion on Obama,
an opinion you obviously disagree with,so you have
set about to discredit the good doctor.

Having observed many members of the Democratic
party for many years, I would have to say that
Narcissism, is quite a commom trait among the
Democratic hierarchy.
This is one of those posts I would have trimmed down a bit in the past- but now we can see that instead of merely being a little bit off, this guy is completely insane! Thank god for adding context. Let me add a bit more, by throwing in his next post in the same thread:
Just exactly what is this "Cause" you speak of
Fight the power? The "Cause" of Defending Obama?
You sound just like one of those Know it alls
who came out of some institution of LOWER Learning
with a robe, a piece of worthless paper, and a
very high opinon of yourself. As a fervent defender
of Obama, it is you Sir that are Gullible, to the

Quite frankly Sir, I don't give a damn what his
credentials are, or what his proper academic title
is, or where he went to college, or even if he is
a convict.

I care not at all for the mind numbed socialist
sheep being indoctrinated at todays institutions of
lower learning, and it sound to me like you are one
of those.

What ever this guys title, or background, or
criminal history, he's DEAD RIGHT on this issue,
And it doesn't take magical mystery tour in academia
to figure this out.

Vaknic has the one thing they failed to bestow on
you whilst you were entranced by your academic
exploits. He has common sense.
Railing against academia, ignoring blatant contradictions within his own post and also within the story he’s trying to defend, AND accusing the other guy of being a brainwashed zombie? This post has it all and I’m glad that the entire thing is here for the world to see, instead of just a smaller portion of it. Meanwhile JAMES PAUL WILKERSON,JR IS ALWAYS SHOUTING:
Is a ‘revelution’ a huge angry party? If so, I might actually agree with his post. Dan’s post doesn’t make sense, no matter how many times I read it:
this doc is so target i still think he,s iilegal
uhrgiuhargnfjgnkrg to you too, buddy. Greg Carpenter can’t believe it’s not factual!
Literally can’t believe it. Karenlee is our last contributor, somehow ignoring the pages of controversy about how Vaknin is a fraud to add her views:
WOW, thanks for the insight. I think this pretty
much answers most of our questions about this man.
It sure helped me to answer the question of why he
has helped divide us even more now...than ever
before. It seems the USA is in for serious trouble
to come.
I think they’ve officially run out of excuses now, although you never know what wondrous thing the mind of a wingnut will create. Having proved that additional context just makes them look crazier, I once again declare victory in the name of the Train. I will ask that each of you take a moment to reflect on the plight of the handful of reasonable people stuck over there: the odd man or woman trying to hold the site to a level of factual basis which their peers simply will not allow. May they eventually realize that the internet has a number of communities which aren’t dominated by nutcases!


  1. Wow, I get to make the first comment. What a great privelege!!! Thank you for aadding this new discussion, the old one turned into a barrage of tit for tat with no thoughts of improving our society.
    As a theologian with a Phd., one must look at the history of Islam to have an accurate opinion. The facts of history prove Islam to be an extremely lethal and violent religion.
    With the high poverty of Islamic nations, mostly oil rich nations, their peoples are left with the choice of continuing their impoverished lifestyles or suicide in the name of Allah.
    Fundamentalist Islam, the most popular form of Islam, is a destructive idealogy.

  2. Swell, I get to make the second comment. What a great priveleage!!! Thank you for aaadddding this new discussion, the old one turned into a barrage of tit for tat with no thoughts of improving our society.
    As a theologian with a Phd., one must look at the history of Christianity to have an accurate opinion. The facts of history prove Christianity to be an extremely lethal and violent religion.
    With the high wealth of Christian nations, mostly oil poor nations, their peoples are left with the choice of continuing their privileged lifestyles or bastardizing science and attacking minorities in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Evangelical Christianity, the most popular form of Christianity, is a destructive idealiolology. no pun intended.

  3. Sweet, I get to make the third comment. What a great priveleadge!!! Thank you for aaaaddddding this new discussion, the old one turned into a barrage of tit for tat with no thoughts of improving our society.
    As a theologian with a Phd., one must look at the history of Judaism to have an accurate opinion. The facts of history prove Judaism to be an extremely lethal and violent religion.
    With the small amount of Jewish nations, mostly militarized nations, their peoples are left with the choice of continuing a defensive lifestyle or attacking their own people with bombs and missiles.
    Hasidic Judaism, the most popular form of Judaism, is a destructive idealiolliolology. pun intended.

  4. Cool. The return of the "worker".

    JN-Now you're just getting boring.

    Here's an idea to save you time.

    Just post these on your index page and you won't have to worry about all that cutting and pasting:



    "Pretty much" sums up this whole blog.

    At least you got more attention then you'll ever get in your pathetic little life. Even though it was short lived.

    Yawn. It was great fun for awhile. Thanks.


    OH MOTHER FUCKING GOD!, I get to make the fifth comment. What a great priveleadge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for aaaaaaaaaddddddddding this new discussion, the old one turned into a barrage of tit for tat with no thoughts of improving our society.
    As a theologian with a Phd., one must look at the history of Scientology to have an accurate opinion. The facts of history prove Scientology to be an extremely lethal and violent religion.
    With the complete absence of real Scientolgist nations, mostly made up nations by celebrities, their peoples are left with the choice of continuing their famous lifestyles or burning cash to achieve their next Dianetics level.
    Ron Hubbard-Powered Scientology, the most popular form of Scientology, is a destructive idealiolliol-for fuck sake learn to spell before you ever post anything again anywhere!-ology. fuck you.

  6. I wish you had quoted this little gem from the Sam Vaknin post:

    "It is no wonder that Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, the Castrists, the Hezbollah, the Hamas, the lawyers of the Guantanamo terrorists and virtually all sworn enemies of America are so thrilled by the prospect of their man in the White House."


  7. F U C K Y O U !!

    and your God forsaken Site.
    Piece of shit.

    Is this all you got?
    What is your point?
    You are the reason for why the US is in so much debt and why we have a (censored) in the White House.

  8. Well J.N. it looks like you've finally broken their spirit. No time for an intelligent discourse, only vulgarities and childish attempts at rebuttals.

    Long live The Train!

    I also can't help but add that I see no evidence for liberals or "Anti-American" ideals being the reason that we're in so much debt. If I'm recalling correctly, didn't we just finish 8 years of conservative "Pro-American" policies that placed us in our current predicament.

    Bring on the cursory and incoherent responses....

  9. D-glad you're back. Are you speaking of your own JJ's comments like:

    JJ said...
    Yeah you Carrot Top wanna-be mother fucker!

    Pure class!!

    L"pretty sure"South-Are these the random curse words you were referring to?

  10. Sorry JN-but this is like a "Train" wreck. You just can't help but slow down and take a look.

  11. More like Bane of Thought! Bane as in, the bane of intelligent discourse (that which causes ruin or woe, as theGoogle put it). What I am really getting at is that you suck, JN.

  12. Train of thought? More like Pain of Gout!

  13. L"pretty sure"South: Here ya go. Never saw a curse word on here before we got here? You lyin' sack of shit!

    JN says:
    Oh for fucks sake.

  14. From DCJonesy:

    they definitely did call Emanuel out on his bullshit

  15. Another Jonesy quote:

    "...being a liberal is synonomous with being a pussy."

    And, may I add, well thought out.

  16. L"pretty sure"South-I hope you're writing all this down. I'm pretty sure it will help your memory fade problem:

    "Throw in your random curse words..."

    Maybe you could help out "D", too. Seems to be confused about whether consevative or liberal policy caused the economic problems.

  17. JN-I was so wrong earlier. This is still fun. Thanks again.

  18. L"pretty sure"South-pay attention now:

    JJ Says

    "I seriously hope enough people respond with an email telling them to fuck off."

    I know, I know, I'm taking their random curse words out of context.

  19. 6.54 says:

    "The other thing is, Homeland Security and Government Affairs has some real power to fuck with the president."

  20. Words of Wisdom from JJ:

    "I frankly don't care that two people who a greatly respect like Howard Dean and Barack Obama think that this was the right way to handle this situation."

    I know, one of you assholes is going to thank me for actually reading this garbage. But, no. Just skimming through trying to help out the professor. Did I mention there's a memory problem with the math teacher. Sorry.

  21. Meanwhile, back to JN:

    "I do like that they couldn't even be bothered to find a real-looking flag, that's a pretty shitty photoshop"

  22. JJ says:

    "Obama? Fuck him!"

  23. porntipsguzzardo said...
    so fucking sweet

  24. "6.54 wrote about the dangers of gay marriage a few weeks ago: polar ice caps melting, Russian invasion, all sorts of awful stuff. But even he didn't foresee the true danger: Hitler. Hell, we'd actually be lucky to get away with merely Hitler this time, given that in Wiemar Germany men couldn't marry men and women couldn't marry women. Having our standard-grade degeneracy mixed with this ultra-strength gay marriage degeneracy will almost certainly result in some sort of super-Hitler (uberhitler?), an unstoppable force of evil that will leave every. last. gay. married."

  25. J.N. said...
    "yep just another boring night making something FUCKING AWESOME"

  26. DCJonesy said...
    "While this might turn highways in many southern states into dangerous warzones, Obama has rightfully noted that the results will be “fucking sweet.”"

  27. OK, I'm bored again. What can you expect. Look, I just spent way too long looking through this tripe just to prove a point to the nutty "pretty sure" prof.

    Much as I hate to think about it now, I'm pretty sure I'll be back. You brain wrecks are just too much fun.

  28. Oh shit, I almost forgot. Is someone checking on ole Jonesy.

    DCJonesy says:

    "I can't wait to see the comments tomorrow after I review MF DOOM's newest album."

    This was supposed to happen yesterday.

    You don't think she's drunk again, do you?

    JJ isn't it your day to watch her.

    I might have Jonesy's gender wrong, but, in this case I don't think it really matters.

  29. I apologize. You can stop the hunt for Jonesy. I found her. She's hangin' around the save the newspaper entry.

    Rest everyone. Thanks for the concern. I'm sure Jonesy thanks you, too.

    L"pretty sure"South-Are you checking these comments for Shantytown shit? Glad you're on the job.

  30. Not really, I work for a living. You made your point about the curse words but not on much else. Since I don't know you and probably will never meet you, I'm "pretty sure" it's not worth arguing with you.

    I like rational arguments and would be happy to engage in one, but all of the finger-pointing gets in the way. It's not worth my time or energy to sit here and try to defend everything I've ever said when you won't read it with an open mind anyway.

    As a wise man once said, "don't argue with fools cause people from a distance can't tell who is who."

    Hope you get your rocks off to that. Have a nice day.

  31. Man that ad revenue is sweet!!!

  32. I am said "anonymous"

    Sometimes I run, Sometimes I cry,

    Sometimes I'm scared of you, all I want you to do is hold me tight, treat me right.

    Damn I wish me and "anonymous" could just dance the night away.

  33. Just to clarify when I said "(censured)" earlier that means J.C. I have never felt comfortable saying the lords name in vein. I guess I should've said You are the reason for why the US is in so much debt and why we have a J.C. in the White House.. But that's why I felt I had to make myself clear. I am not a racist who uses the n word.

    And, I don't really think Obama is Hitler or uber-Hitler. He's more like a friendly black J.C. Letting gays marry and becoming a black ultra J.C., which kinda sounds like a car. but I digress, with Obama in the white house I sleep well knowing that he is ushering in a new age of peace and prosperity for all true Americans no matter your race, gender, or sexual orientation.

  34. hey I'm glad to see you're so eagerly awaiting DOOM's album review, anonymous. i haven't written one yet because the streaming audio mp3's aren't up for it yet, but as soon as they are you'll have your review. looks like someone's paying attention!

    also glad to see people who claim to hate us investing so much time and energy just to point out times in which we have cussed. i really am. i find it FUCKING AWESOME, in fact! good night and God bless y'all.

  35. And Resistnet.com shows how big of children they can be. With these guys as the Guardians of the Right we can look forward to no conservatives in power for 20 years!

  36. LSouth-just out of curiosity, which of these opening statements was made to open up a rational argument:

    1. JN:

    Today’s field trip takes us somewhere new, a place some of you may never have even imagined located in the wildest corner of the internet. I’m talking about ResistNet, which describes itself as a network for “idea-based resistance to Obama-led socialistic agenda.” Their front page is a gloriously messy jumble of flags, text boxes, and pictures of Obama looking tired, but to find real gold you have to look at their forums. It’s a completely different atmosphere than Free Republic- whereas FR is a huge echo chamber for the screaming dittohead hordes scrambling towards the most ignorant position possible on any given subject, ResistNet is more like a conversation between inmates in a right-wing psychiatric ward.


    2. LSouth:

    What I think a lot of people from ResistNet don't realize is that by posting comments here, they are simply proving J.N.'s point about their craziness.

    And, "finger-pointing gets in the way. Wonder where that started?

    "don't argue with fools cause people from a distance can't tell who is who."-good advice. Wish you would have warned me earlier.

  37. Alright, let me make sure I have this straight: LSouth said "pretty sure" once, so now using that phrase mocks him because...? I can't even sarcastically figure out an answer for that one.

    Tars Tarkas- Yeah, for all the references to the American Revolution and the founding fathers, these guys sure do spend a lot of time combing through months-old updates trying to find examples of people cursing to prove some sort of mystery point.

    "Your website is crazy. Here are examples of racism, extremism, paranoia, and other assorted maniacal posts."

    cwitherspoon- PANE OF SNOT has now supplanted Brain of Naught as my favorite. Thinking about getting it tattooed on my arm/face? Let me know.

  38. YES WE CAN!!! GO OBAMA!!! I'm glad I found this webpage. I love trashing dumbass crackers!!! Our brother Obama's gonna screw all the white trash who enslaved us so long ago. And when we get our 7 million man army to honor the greatest President in the world, we're gonna kill them stupid ass honky pieces of crap. The United States of Black America, I CAN'T WAIT!!!

  39. JN-"mocks him" is yours. You're going to have to answer that one. Is that the way you see it? Sorry LSouth, I thought he was one of yours.

    LSouth-Jonesy proves your point, huh? Shantytown...cursing...

    My God, how do you Drain Wrecks explain that 7 million man army whacko.
    JN-you've got a new site to investigate. Cut and paste...cut and paste. At least you don't have to travel very far this time.

    LSouth-you're the second person on this site that admitted to working for a living. Astounding.

  40. Just a cheery note about the whacko with the 7 million man army. Only 2 of them will have to get permission to take off from work. That's the benefit of being on the dole, I guess.

  41. Work??????? You gotta be kidding me, once President Obama gets that reparations bill passed we ain't gonna have to work no more. I agree with that other guy. It's gonna be tough for those crackers to do anything but kneel to the black man once our Obama Army is in place. GO OBAMA!!!

  42. reparations...dole. Nothing new to see here.

  43. anonymous posted-
    YES WE CAN!!! GO OBAMA!!! I'm glad I found this webpage. I love trashing dumbass crackers!!! Our brother Obama's gonna screw all the white trash who enslaved us so long ago. And when we get our 7 million man army to honor the greatest President in the world, we're gonna kill them stupid ass honky pieces of crap. The United States of Black America, I CAN'T WAIT!!!

    I give this a 2/10 on the Troll Scale. While posting something here to then take home to resistnet and complain about is slightly clever, you've made it too obvious. Consider the following:

    "i love trashing dumbass crackers" and the use of "honkey" sounds about as realistic as it was over on TheObamaForum- another place where conservatives act the way [i]they think[/i] african americans do. consider toning it down a bit! or reveal your gag over the course of multiple posts, instead of blowing it right off the bat by going too far.

    on the other hand, i have to commend you for hitting all the points ResistNetters want to hear. references to the dole and reparations, fear of blacks, and a private Barack army are all things that'll go over well over there.

    your final problem was the use of the anonymous setting- it gives you away as an outsider on a blog where most of the comments usually come from friends and family who use account names when they post. clearly you didnt have the time to set up an account and become accepted beforehand, though, so theres only so much you could really do about that.

    again, 2/10 on the troll scale. better luck next time.

  44. Well, I may as well start what I hope to be a new trend by admitting that I do not actually work for a living. Technically, I do live off of government money, though it's from the German government, and they owe it to us from the war! Those kwazy krauts.

  45. Truth be told, with all the vulgarity and ignorance on this blogger, why would anyone in their right mind want to join this webpage?

  46. Out of fear of being completely alone? Keeps you coming back.

  47. "We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction." Ted Kennedy (September 27, 2002)

  48. Guess you heard that 68% of the youth vote went to Obama.. (electoral college)My granddaughter called this morning to tell me she was one of them. I repliedwith this e-mail:Dear Granddaughter,The election of Obama comes down to this. Your grandmother and I, your mother,and other productive, wage-earning tax payers will have their taxes increasedand that means less income left over. Less income means we will have to cut backon basic purchases, gifts and handouts. That includes firing the lady who cleans our house twice a month. She just losther job. We can't afford her anymore. What is the economic effect of Obama's election on you personally? Over the years, your grandmother and I have given you thousands of dollars in food,housing, cash, clothing, gifts, etc. By your vote, you have chosen anotherfamily over ours for help. So in the future, if you need assistance with your rent, money for gas, tires for your car, someone to bring you lunch, etc. ...call 202-456-1111. That's the telephone number for the Office of the President of the United States. I'm sure Mr. Obama will be happy to send a check from his personal or business accounts, as we have, or leave cash in an envelope taped to his front door for you, as we have. It's like this... Those who vote for the President of the United States should consider what the impact of an election will be on the nation as a whole and not just be concerned with what they can get for themselves (welfare, stimulus checks, etc.). What Obama voters don't seem to realize is that thegovernment's money comes from taxes
    collected from tax paying families. Raising taxes on productive people means they will have less money to spend ontheir families. Congratulations on your choice. For future reference, you might attempt to add up all you've received from us, your mom, Mike's parents and others and compare it to what you expect to get over the next four years from Mr. Obama. To congratulate Mr. Obama and to make sure you're on the list for handouts, write to:
    The White House1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20500
    Love you Honey, but call the number listed above when you need help. Granddad
    An excellent letter for children who are expecting an inheritance as well......

  49. wow are you really in the buisness of making trouble or are you just getting a sick kick out of this,i've been to about every main page of resistnet and most of what you are reprinting is the worst or just a reaction to some of the liberal antics we have to put up with..in your whole comment on resistnet i can almost here you in the background breathing heavy and giggling,are you having fun, are you at least trying for some good or is this just a chance to get a little extra attention,,like i said on your first tour of a 90% good site go to some of the liberal sites like [i see color ] and see what the libs are saying about the same subjects maybe your slanted view of this site and the world will get some correcting ..or is this page really just a drain of thought

  50. @ Most recent anon:

    I'd love if you clarified yourself, because as far as I can tell, your is statement is mathematically impossible. Obama is instituting a TAX CUT, and the graduated income tax system necessarily entails paying a small fraction of the salary of another worker in taxes.

    It's all well and good to be pissed off about how the government works. But don't lie to us about your financial situation in an effort to misrepresent the president of the United States.

    Myself, I'm a patriotic american: I pay my taxes with pride. I also keep track of them, and I can tell you that I'm not happy about a lot of it is spent. But with respect, guys, that's just a part of being an adult and having a job. Sorry it's getting you up in a huff, but seriously: grow up.

  51. Sure, he's instituting tax cuts but, he's also raising "stealth taxes" on everything else (e.g. gas, oil, food, water, utilities, and don't forget the carbon tax on the "theory" of global warming, etc.). Tax cuts??? Who are you trying to kid???

  52. You know what would make me believe you? An itemized list of stealth taxes, with real numbers attached and clear, reliable citations.

    Because as a tax-payer and extremely conscientious spender myself, I have seen almost no evidence of what you're talking about in my daily life.

    And really, let's not even get into global warming right now.

  53. @last anonymous. I agree. Voting Obama into the white house was a mistake. Americans should never be required to give more money to the government. If only we could go back in time and vote for McCain so that people could continue to be persecuted for their sexual orientations, blasphemed for their right to choose whether they bring a child into this world, and be sent off to war in two countries with no end in sight. That way your granddaughter could continue to leach off of you until she is 30. You must be a grandparent because that is one major guilt trip you laid on her.

    @ Ken. I recognize your sentiment but just because 90% of your site is not like that %10 does not excuse what they say on that site. This site is only exercising its 1st amendment rights in making fun of them. maybe you should let your site speak for itself instead maliciously insulting everyone who disagrees with you. And I invite you to make your own blog in which you make fun of i see color or this blog. frankly both could use the notoriety.

  54. no i think i will just resign my self to treating all liberals the way you treat resistnet.com even if 1% of liberals are marxist freaks then all liberals are marxist freaks..makes it alot easier to see the enemy

  55. @Ken. the cold war is over, buddy. it is time to let the communism thing go.

  56. JN-just to help out, save you a little money-You getting a tatoo that says "Brain of Naught" would be like me getting one that said "I am bald".

  57. whats over nothing is over just look at the pile filth in the white house,, marxist to the core,why after 8 years of bush would anybody want to go the other extreme and vote in 'mickey mouse' a good middle of the road dem. or rep. would have been able to carry out bush's good programs and weeded out the bad ones,instead this obamanation wants to go to the other extreme and put this county 10 trillion dollars in debt if that's not a attempt at marxist i have some ocean front property in nebraska for you

  58. J.N. said:"Good to know that Muslims love death, eh? That’ll come as a real shock to the Muslims I know, I hope they aren’t upset to find out that they don’t actually love life."

    J.N., so the Muslims you know are supposed to annul the ones that are busily adhering to a culture of death? I'm sure you never heard,"DEATH TO MERICA"
    before being chanted by hose "life-loving" Muslims. Everytime I hear it, it comforts me to no end! I think the 'shock' part belongs to you, who are slow to confront A)your ignorance or denial, or B)cranial/rectal inversion syndrome. Yes, Muslims love life SO much they are willing to strap bombs on themselves and their children in order to blow up shopping malls, buses, trains, and wherever there are large groups of people—that also love life—are gathered.

    J.N.said:"Alright, let me make sure I have this straight: LSouth said "pretty sure" once, so now using that
    phrase mocks him because...?

    Because he OWNS it!

    "I can't even sarcastically figure out an answer for that one."

    When in doubt just shout,
    "VICTORY FOR THE TRAIN!" and meretriciously wave your "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banner about. (It doesn't really matter if a real victory was won, or fought. The only point of the matter is it's only worth the price that's been paid for it).

    J.N.said:"PANE OF SNOT has now supplanted Brain of Naught as my favorite. Thinking about getting it tattooed on my arm/face? Let me know."

    Obvious place: tattoo it on your nose.

  59. @ken. wait, r u saying that a middle of the road dem or rep is like the other extreme from bush? how extreme must one be when the middle is your opposite? (dont hurt yourself too much trying to come up with an answer to this one. it is rhetorical) and
    why the hell would anyone want a president that was the exact opposite of bush after eight years I think it would be the most obvious answer in the universe (slight understatement because there are in fact many universes where this would be blatantly obvious). the majority of Americans were tired of a president who in less then a decade doubled our national dept, forced our public schools to have programs that did more harm than good, said fuck you to green energy, defied our constitution with the patriot act and the geneva convention by decalaring Iraq an unconventional war so he could commit terrible acts of torture on American soil. and he is borderline illiterate. But if you think John McCain, a man who seemingly had been blackmailed into being the Bush administration's whipping boy was going to change anything you must be crazy or an idiot, or both. also really clever combining the words "obama" and "nation" into a word that sounds sort of like abomination. I bet you are the first person to think of that, you brilliant son'a bitch.