Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kanye West: "Gay" is Now a Compliment

In an interview with Details magazine, Kanye declared an end to homophobic slurs by redesignating the word "gay" as a compliment. But while the sentiment is rather sweet, the specifics of his approach are a little... well...

"Take the word gay — like, in hip-hop, that's a negative thing, right? But in the past two, three years, all the gay people I've encountered have been, like, really, really, extremely dope. Y'know, I haven't, like, gone to a gay bar, nor do I ever plan to. But where I would talk to a gay person — the conversation would be mostly around, like, art or design — it'd be really dope. From a design standpoint, kids'll say, 'Dude, those pants are gay.' But if it's, like, good, good, good fashion-level, design-level stuff, where it's on a higher level than the average commercial design stuff, it's, like, gay people that do that. I think that should be said as a compliment. Like, 'Dude, that's so good it's almost . . . gay.'"

West's friends and professional adjuncts, who quietly pass in and out of his loft throughout the day, start cracking up, and he leaves his chair for a bit of stand-up: "'Dude, that's so good it's almost gay!' 'Dude, you pay real attention to detail — that's almost, like, gay!' 'You had a whole conversation with that girl without bringing up sex? That was, like, gay!'"

West then remarked, "Put this in the magazine: There's nothing more to be said about music. I'm the fucking end-all, be-all of music. I know what I'm doing... Now let's talk about how my fucking sweater didn't come back right from Korea. That's what's interesting me."


  1. yep, that about sums up Kanye West. He really needs to think before he says something. "Gay" is dope, but I never plan on going into a Gay bar, bcuz that would be "Gay".

    Oh Kanye, Stick to your music

  2. I kind of love this a little. I'm taking the f-word. It is no longer a negative, and what's more "tea cup" is now the new f-word.

    No, doesn't feel like anything has changed, but give it a few days. I am actually in awe of Kanye's arrogance.

  3. There's nothing more to be said about music. I'm the fucking end-all, be-all of music.

    I that might be the greatest quote of all time.

  4. This is fucking gay! Meme-theorists can go tea cup themselves...Thanks, Kanye/Kari.

  5. wait so kari how are you using the f-word now, like it's somehow unambiguously positive now? just not sure about when i should use it

    that said if you can get an accurate new definition to me i'll go ahead and teach the children

  6. I can think of several ways that the f-word can be a positive...