Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Liveblog 8 PM Tonight

Obama's press conference tonight doesn't really merit a liveblog, but I wanted a chance to test out the software so here it is. Stop by and check it out.


  1. When would Obama ever deserve a blog of any kind. Nevertheless, I can't wait.

    JJ his own self on why there should be dialogue on this piece of shit site.

    I'm just warming up for the JN upcoming cut & paste, cut & paste...

    JJ said...
    "Personally, my favorite part is that Bush somehow seems more surprised by the second shoe than the first."

    I didn't notice that until you pointed it out, he seems genuinely surprised by the second throw!

    I'm glad that the secret service were slow enough to allow that hero to get the second shoe off, but guys, please get that shit in check by the 20th.

  2. Oh, the sweet irony of everything I just said.

  3. which software package you using?

  4. We've decided to skip the software stuff. It's rather meaningless-don't you agree?

    What the fuck difference could it possibly make?

  5. "We have no agenda! We have literally nothing that we want to accomplish, no goals or ideals or thoughts! We don't even know what we're doing, or why! Who are we? Who am I?! God help me please."