Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Great Douchebag Rebellion Grows...

They've invaded Washington Post Chats... in small groups!
NYC: You don’t see it in the media, but there is a groundswell of public anger over the Democrats’ attempt to spend their way out of a spending crisis. There have been numerous small protests—and conservatives haven’t taken to the streets in decades. Do you think this will all go away, or does Obama have a problem?
I think this movement culminates at a Joe the Plumber rally where he denounces various things as "American government" and "welfare".

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  1. hahahha, "you don't see it in the media, but the public really hates the stimulus bill!"

    maybe you dont see it in the media because according to every poll it isnt true? on the other hand, conservatives from THE INTERNET bothered to leave their own homes to protest it, so... hey, the more time they spend on the streets pretending everyone in america hates it, the less time they spend listening to limbaugh.