Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Thing About John McCain... that he's kind of a funny guy. In the good sort of way. It's just so easy to forget that, in light of the fact that his campaign was one of the more disgusting political scenes of the last quarter-century, as well as a general repudiation of every principled stand he ever took. I'm not remotely willing to give him a pass for that, and I think he revealed a deeply sad and dark side of himself over the last six months. But if he were a more honorable person, and if the strictures imposed on him by the history and inherent position of his party weren't quite so powerful and quite so insane, I wouldn't have minded so much to have him around.

There's a sense in which this SNL appearance was a concession – a sort of "may as well have what fun I can" moment – and I'm happy that he's willing to let some cracks show through the horrifying shell he donned. It's moments like this that make me think he may, sometime in the next few years, show some public remorse for the way he ran his campaign. Judge it for yourself, though:

But yeah, as far as smart presidential campaign moves go, I'm with Atrios: "Um... I thought the Palin appearance was bad. WTF?"

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  1. haha. who knew throwing in your hat right at the end of your presidential race could be so funny?