Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fred Smoot is awesome

Smoot, shown here pwning Dallas, has been brilliantly spreading hateful rhetoric against the C*wb*ys at local schools.

No, no, I'm not referring to THAT.

Via the Sports Bog:
"This week we come back and play the Cowboys, so you know what time it is," Smoot told the elementary schoolers. "I'm gonna teach y'all at a young age to hate the Cowboys."

It just gets better after that.

Anyhow, the point of all of this is that several of the post-reading kid questions had tangential references to football. Like, one kid asked Smoot about the favorite game of his career; "probably this year, when we went down to Dallas and beat the Cowboys to death," he said.

Another kid asked about the team's record; "right now we're 6-3," Smoot said. "After Sunday, we'll be 7-3."

I mean, he was dousing these kids with flammable anti-Cowboys propaganda and then turning a verbal flamethrower on them. What ever happened to educational objectivity?

A third kid asked Smoot if he was the champion of football; "Yes, we're the champions of football, because we are the Redskins," he said.

A fourth kid wanted to know Smoot's favorite color; "burgundy and gold, that's my favorite two colors," he answered.

This is exactly what we need. The Redskins organization should be sending out as many players as possible to various local schools and instilling a hatred of Dallas at an early age.

Smoot leaves us with this:
"We hate Dallas," Smoot said. "We hate Dallas. It's just been like that, and it's always gonna be like that. I got family members that love Dallas so I don't even talk to them during the week. That's just what it is. I literally don't talk to them....You know, I was in that Mississippi [State]-Ole Miss hatred battle, and once I got here and Darrell Green kind of sat me down and said look here, this is how it is, this is your Ole Miss now. And I kind of bought into it..."

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  1. Kids are great, Apu. You can teach them to hate the things you hate and they practically raise themselves now-a-days, you know, with the internet and all."
    -Homer Simpson

    Fred Smoot is too tight for words.