Monday, November 10, 2008

Case of the Mondays: Dallas Week edition

Perhaps I wouldn't have felt quite so bad this Monday if I hadn't stayed up until almost 3 a.m. watching videos of Obama's victory celebrations. Oh well, it was still probably worth it. While the events of last week helped remind me that there are much, much more important things in this world than football, it's hard to underestimate it's importance to this city. A lot of times, "Washington" is used interchangably by people with the word "government," overlooking the fact that the District is a residential city with a truly unique identity. Me and JJ were talking yesterday about how the mood of the city is reflected by the Redskins' performance; success for them results in more civic pride and happiness throughout the city.

Which brings us to Washington's next game, which will be one of the most important regular season matches in some time. The rivalry between the Redskins and the C*wb*ys is so big, that the whole week leading up to the game has a name: Dallas Week.

The Skins come in at 6-3, while the enemy stands at 5-4. A Redskins win would drop Dallas to 5-5, give us a full two-game lead over them in the standings and result in a 1-3 record for them against division opponents. In addition to the humiliation of a season sweep for us over the Boy-Toys, we would also improve to 3-1 in the NFC East. This game is going to be huge.

The Obama celebrations were bigger than any Super Bowl win. All around the country and even the world, people danced in the streets as Tuesday turned into Wednesday. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that something more significant than the Redskins winning the Super Bowl just occured, as stupid as that may sound. But, this is still Dallas Week. Time to get in gear.

WE. HATE. DALLAS. Game on, gentlemen!

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