Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Bet

What do you think about DC:

+/- 95% for Obama?

I'm goin' with 94%.


  1. might be splitting hairs here, but i'm gonna guess 92%.

  2. nice, i was talking to one of my professors about this...she said 91%, I'm going with 94%

  3. Awww, give us some credit here. Didn't we go 92% for Kerry? (not completely sure about that) My guess is most of the Republicans didn't bother coming out today as there's nothing else that's major on the ballot in DC, so I am going on the wild side with 96%.

  4. 89% for Kerry, which is less than I thought too.

    I think 95% is a good dividing line, as it's hilariously close to an actual consensus. We'll see, though!