Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Caron Butler: (via Ivan Carter)

"Coach Jordan will be a lifelong friend and somone I communicate with for the rest of my life," Butler said. "To see him go, that was tough. That's why I didn't talk yesterday because it hurt but as the same time, now that we got Obama on the sideline with us now, we're going to ride with it."

Obama? You mean Tapscott?

"Yeah, he's light-skinned. He has a law degree. He stands for change, he uses big words, he's new in the district and he's in control now, so shout-out to Obama. We won tonight so we have hope."
Change we can believe in, wizards fans.

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  1. btw, i saw Ivan Carter walking his dog on U street yesterday morning as I rode to my Mom's work. if he lives anywhere close to the Palace... lord help us. the prospects of running into him in our daily travels is frightening