Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bring It On, America!


Okay, but in all seriousness, here are my predictions for the election. My method was very slightly more sophisticated than pulling random numbers out of a hat. (I used a calculator!)

Obama: 52.4% and 373 368 electoral votes [Whoops! Misplaced WV the first time]
McCain: 44.7% and 165 electoral votes

8 Democratic Senate pickups for 57 total seats (59, with Lieberman and Sanders)
0 Republican Senate pickups for 41 total seats

26 Democratic House pickups for 260 total seats
4 Republican House pickups for 175 total seats

They are mildly, but I think not overly, optimistic.

EDIT: Figured I should be more specific with my electoral predictions. 368 is a bit of an odd number, since I've got Georgia and North Carolina going for Obama but Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Montana, West Virginia and Arizona going for McCain. I just sorta have a good feeling about the southern Atlantic coast. There are those who disagree with me, though.


  1. those numbers look good, i'd gladly accept them! jealous of you guys on the right side of the planet getting to watch election night first-hand...

  2. Love that you discounted the Senate win.