Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Four Years Ago

I've gotta tell this story, even if it stretches the bounds of decency, because November 2nd, 2004 was the single craziest night of my entire college career and still being on campus today brought back some of the memories. Let me just describe one moment:

I was with a girl that I had sort of a thing for (/with). After leaving an election night party where we'd watched the country turn red, the results unclear but entirely discouraging, we'd all streamed down to the field next to the baseball diamond in the middle of campus. A friend lit his coat on fire while reading The Second Coming, and we set off some fireworks before using gas to burn an effigy of an elephant. The energy was palpable, and all the chaos brought us closer in that tingly, new crush sort of way. As the likelihood of Bush's win increased in the wee hours, everything reached a fever pitch and someone shouted at us to just kiss and get it over with, and we did, for the first time. A few minutes later, intertwined on the side of the hill, with Darth Vader's theme song blaring into the night, and two lesbians grinding against one another a few feet away, the can of gasoline was kicked over. Flames began to spread across the baseball field as the liquid came into contact with the remaining embers from the effigy. It wasn't long before public safety showed up, and, just like any well-trained mischief makers, we split into a hundred different directions and all walked quietly away.

Today is different: I'm not sure I'll be spending much time in the "real world" tonight. But even so, I think I'll end up having more fun.


  1. Great story to kick off a virtual party!

  2. great story. While it wasn't that crazy, our multiple hour phone call/rant the day after is one of few memories I haven't purged from those days.

  3. That phone call was really all that got me through that day.

    I'd also credit a hefty chunk of a Jack Daniels bottle, except that, you know, drinking when you're depressed, hopeless and frustrated just means that you're drunk, depressed, hopeless and frustrated. That sucked.

    And yet, I definitely seem to be tearing up a lot more today.