Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A day I'll never forget: Part 1

I will be periodically sharing random moments & memories from what was surely one of the most incredible days in American history, not to mention all of our lifetimes. As I post various snapshots from the day, I urge you to share your favorite moments as well in the comments.

"Stand in line for an hour and a half and vote before noon. Check. Drop Mom back off at the Largo Metro station. Check. Take the sister into the city so she can meet up with her ride back to Virginia Tech. Check. Damn, it's only 1:45? I don't have to be at my brother's soccer game for another hour and a half."

This was my thought process as I headed up 24th Street just behind the Foggy Bottom Metro. With all the things I had to do yesterday, all the hoops I had to jump through and all the planets that had to align to get everything accomplished, the day couldn't have been running any more smoothly.

Quite the surprise.

"Well if I cut up 16th to New Hampshire Ave., I'll be in Sandy Spring way to early. How did I end up on Connecticut? God, I hate driving in D.C. Shit, I need to get gas."

With the fuel light on and a slight on-again-off-again drizzle falling, I set out for the nearest Exxon. As I pulled up to a stoplight just beyond the Uptown Theater, the thumping of the kick drum from the intro to Bad Brains' "Big Take Over" started coming from my car speakers. Not caring about the rain hitting my arms, I rolled down every window in my mom's car, turned the volume to near capacity and cruised up Conn. Ave. at about 24 miles per hour.

Big Take Over (Version) - Bad Brains

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  1. Man, there's nothing like music in the rain during an intense moment.

    I think my favorite moment, which is far less awesome but still helped make my day, was my bookstore giving me 25% off because of the "I Voted" sticker. Particularly great because I was in there to buy a seriously expensive book for class, so saved more than $20 bucks.