Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Friday Night

Didn't go to any parties. But I did make this:

It took four hours to get the telescope functioning, and I had to reset the entire system and program in every bit of information about location, time and orientation from scratch. Then another hour or so to get this one image, because I accidentally un-aligned the telescope and the Orion Nebula was the only thing I could find manually. And even after all that work, the focus is off more than I'd like and I'm not really sure how to correct it.

If there's any moral to this all, it's that science is fucking hard. There isn't even anything but aesthetics riding on this project, and it was amazingly difficult.

Still, as far as first attempts go, I couldn't be more satisfied. Also, a plane happened to fly precisely through my field of vision! To put the total insanity of that in perspective, its lights took up 3/4 of the frame and if I hadn't happened to have been looking at precisely that moment I would have missed it.


  1. "yep just another boring night making something FUCKING AWESOME"

  2. I'll have to second JN's comment.

  3. Very beautiful. Reminds me of visiting you at Wes.