Saturday, November 1, 2008

"If The World Could Vote"

While Obama's popularity isn't news to anyone who's been paying attention, I was still surprised by Gallup's newly unveiled interactive map of their polling work overseas. The sheer number of countries, and the margins involved, are astonishing.

Obama's height is in Kenya, where he's beating McCain by 85%, and the lowest number on his top ten is a +58% from Belgium. By contrast, McCain's top spot goes to Georgia, where he only leads by 8% – and his lowest top ten score is actually a negative 8%. In fact, only four countries in the entire world would prefer McCain to Obama. And on average, McCain's top ten countries would vote for Obama if they had the chance.

As Gallup puts it, World Citizens Prefer Obama to McCain by More than 3-to-1.

Experience? Or Change.

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  1. Those are truly astonishing stats! Makes the fake interview with Pain even more absurd.