Monday, November 3, 2008

Awesome Beer of the Week: Unibrou's Fin du Monde

Well, it's about as intense a time as it gets in this country. Forboding symbolism aside, when better to trot out a beer whose name means "End of the World"?

This week's Awesome Beer of the Week is La Fin du Monde by Unibrou of Chambly, Québec (right outside of Montréal). It's a Belgian Tripel at heart. That full, round, citrus/banana flavor is the first and strongest taste – but not the most surprising. Without giving ground, it's joined by a pronounced alcohol and refreshing orange-peel flavor before fading into, of all things, a peppery bite that continues into the aftertaste. Damn good stuff, and its rare to find a beer that hits so many traditional and non-traditional flavors with such triumph. But it is one that could seem a little strong to the uninitiated (both in taste and alcohol content).

Election Eve Bonus: Not sure how far outside of New York City you'll be able to find this, but Sixpoint of Brooklyn, NY released a beer over the summer called Hop Obama. While I'm normally extremely skeptical of beers with artificially popular names, this one turned out to be pretty good.


  1. Great review, but are you sure you weren't born in the 19th century?

  2. The Eau Benite I actually like more but it is very hard to find. Also the Tres Pistoles is very good.