Monday, November 3, 2008

I guess I shouldn't be surprised

I have this tradition on Sunday mornings where I'll wake up in time to turn on the talk shows, only fall right back to sleep thanks to the soothing sounds of David Broader's bullshitting. So you can imagine my surprise when I was greeted to this during the first commercial break of meet the press:
The “Crisis” ad opens with a shot of the planes hitting the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001. “9/11, a planned terrorist attack. They targeted Wall Street, collapsed our financial markets. Now our economy is in shambles. Fighting terror has cost America nearly $1 trillion,” the ad states, adding “Joe Biden predicts another attack.”

The script of the latest attack ad is less provocative than than the images used. Along with footage of the Twin Towers, the commercial is shot stylistically like the Fox show “24” with shaky camera images of dark-skinned men building a bomb, and ends with the bomb’s detonation in a city. The ad also uses an image of Obama next to one of the terrorists driving a van.

It’s also unclear what the ad is advocating—it does not name any policies Obama has supported or opposed, but suggests that he will “undermine” U.S. security efforts.

I may not run a campaign, or a 527, but it doesn't seem like it would take a genius to understand that using video of the 9/11 attacks is that whole "3rd rail of politics" thing. But don't worry! That seemingly unspoken rule didn't deter the people at "":
The group responsible for the ad is, a recently formed conservative group backed by Fred Eshelman, a wealthy North Carolina based pharmaceutical executive. The group’s Web site states it “communicates with a zingy edge and a sense of humor.”
Yeah, nothing says "a zingy edge" or a "sense of humor" like footage of the 9/11 attacks.

Ugh. No better way to push back against crap like this then make sure the wins tomorrow come at all levels and are as large as possible. Vote early if you can and get out the vote if you can. I'm back in VA (northern this time) today, but late tonight I'll have a preview of the Train of Thought's election coverage.

One more day...

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  1. Christ, that's breathtakingly low. Who on earth wouldn't find that ad offensive?

    I'm listening, right now, to Reverend Wright yelling about America on CNN. Guess it was inevitable, but, once again, fuck these people.