Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Wire and American Stories

JJ already mentioned the Wire event, but here's a video the cast made:

Also, what'd y'all think of the Obama infomercial last night? I'm inclined to think that the "stories of ordinary people" are usually just boring, so I was pretty skeptical at first. But watching it just now, I was impressed: it's really difficult not to like him. And at the very least, it's awesome that no one has done anything like this before.

In case you missed it:


  1. argh, this would be when my internet connection craps out way too badly for streaming video.

    i take the video has some hope?

  2. Hope in the second video, threats of killing in the first, mostly from Marlo (Jaime Hector). I swear, why the campaign hasn't sent him around more places threatening people is beyond me.

  3. Yo, did I tell you I saw him on Connecticut TV last year advertising a mentoring program?

  4. That's awesome! Did I tell you I watched 2 episodes of that show Heroes just for Jaime Hector's part? He was asking someone to get in a car and I was yelling at the TV telling him not to, and to remember what they tried to do to Michael.