Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Joe Buck Disgusting Act of the Week: The McCain Campaign

It's not like we weren't expecting this race to get uglier. Maybe it's the polls completely tanking, but for whatever reason, McCain's campaign has been pulling out all the stops in seeing how low they can go. The answer, as it turns out, is pretty fucking low.

Race baiting? Oh yeah.

Calling him a terrorist? Sure, and it's the official campaign doing so:

And what does it lead to? Stuff like this:

The McCain campaign knows what they're doing, and just like the Clinton campaign, they know that this stuff works. There's a lot of racist and xenophobic hatred out there, and we can only hope that when Obama becomes president will cause there to be less of these assholes in future generations.


  1. Honestly, it almost makes me miss the days after the republican convention, when a democratic victory was extremely uncertain. Better that than a true fear for Obamas life, and I'm sure it will get worse. The brand of racist rage here is despicable enough to turn off most anyone but the deep right, and so I can't help but feel that McCain's intent in encouraging it is a push for something much larger and darker than an election win.

    The only solace here is Obama's tremendous success thus far. He is, as Sirota described him, the most likable candidate in memory, and that's showing through in spite of the hate. That, and the fact that the secret service is apparently taking this so seriously as to directly investigate the asshole screaming "Kill him!" at that rally.

  2. That blonde chick is psychoactive-- exactly like the Manson girls during Charlie's trial.

  3. To quote a friend's wonderful/scary take, "no one believes mccain is sharp enough to carry out a terrorist plot as masterful as running for president"

  4. Interesting. What about McCain’s friendship with G. Gordon Liddy, who has admitted in his autobiography to plotting the murder of several people, never mind his Watergate conviction. Or what about his friendship with Charles Keating. Or what about McCain being on the advisory board of the U.S. Council for World Freedom which was associated with the death squads in Latin America. Then there’s that convicted felon who McCain said was a role model for young Americans. It happens to be McCain’s father in law who used mob ties to get his business started.

  5. and on that note here is what i found to be this week's "great moment in mavericism":