Monday, October 20, 2008

It really speaks for itself

Via the Sports Bog:


  1. dude that was Ovechkin!!! they showed him during the broadcast and i told T i thought it was him, but they only showed him for a couple seconds. he was right in the middle of the lower stands! no press box or anything, this is too tight for words!

  2. also, Laughlin said on Saturday that Backstrom put on 20 pounds this offseason; dude wasn't lying. young Nicklas is looking downright thunderchunky

  3. if you already couldn't tell just how much i LOVED this post... i'm telling you, no lie, i'm sitting at my desk right now and i seriously got choked up reading the Sports Bog link. don't know if i should've admitted that or not, but this made my day so, so, so much better!