Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nnooooo! Not DC!

Oh my god, I hate everything:

Metro officials yesterday announced plans to immediately begin random searches of backpacks, purses and other bags in a move they say will protect riders and also guard their privacy and minimize delays.

The program is modeled after one begun three years ago in New York that has withstood legal challenges. However, experts said it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of such searches, beyond assuring the public that police are being vigilant. New York officials declined to say what they have found in their searches; none of the other transit systems conducting random searches have found any explosives, officials said.

Cool that they're "doing something" in the pre-election DANGER ZONE TIME, but why exactly do they think random bag searches will guard riders' privacy or minimize delays? That statement is straight out of 1984.

I will now be traveling with bondage gear and a metal copy of the bill or rights everywhere I go in DC.


  1. Cause this worked so well in New York. What morons.

    And getting stopped with bondage gear and the metal copy of the Bill of Rights will guarantee either you'll be shot on the spot, or never searched again. I'm not sure which.

  2. what exactly are you planning with those 2 items?

  3. Here's your guide to resisting such searches, from Marc Rotenberg at Electronic Privacy Info Center: