Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jon Winet & The Electoral College

You can tell I've got a ton of work due this week, as the number of posts I put out ramps up alongside the need to procrastinate productively. But I do want to take a moment away from Patenting in the Biological Sciences to highlight the work of new media journalist Jon Winet, who for the last year or so has been working on The Electoral College: a media project focusing on the 2008 US presidential elections. Beginning with the pre-primary rumbles, and continuing through detailed on-site coverage of the Iowa caucus in particular, the most recent segments have focused on the conventions, the debates and the last leg of the race.

Aside from this one of Edwards in which he looks like a trapped animal, the following are my two favorite videos. Both present explicit, personal, articulate statements about a particular electoral issue:

Barack Obama Supporter: Heart and Mind, about the Iraq War and Obama's character:

McCain-Obama Debate II: "That One", about the second debate and McCain's implicit, patronizing racism:


  1. 6.54 -

    Thanks for your kind words.

    It's been exhausting and exhilarating to follow the election process. We are truly living in interesting times.

    FYA, and likely coals to Newcastle for Train of Thought readers, here's a link, to an episode of the micro sitcom McCain's Roommates on funnyordie. [The premise: "McCain's 7th house is actually an apartment. Where he has two roommates."]

    All the best to you and all at the 'Thought.'

    The Electoral College
    The Electoral College YouTube Channel

  2. Great to pointing this out!

    We should also point out that Jon posts on the data stream, a blog that can be found under our Friend blogs section.