Friday, October 24, 2008

Live from VA...

I'm in Virginia, where ain't shit to do but... get out the vote for Obama. A few quick notes from the southern part of the state, where I was fortunate enough get time off to do campaign work (yet another advantage of working for organized labor):

-The GOP has succeeded at getting the "terrorist" frame out there. One precinct leaders at the council explained it like this: "Each year, there's a smear to fight back. It's been gay marriage in 2004, when they we trying to elect Tim Kaine it was the smear that he'd take their guns. In this election, the major pushback we get against Obama is that he's a terrorist, a Muslim, or that people don't trust him because he's black."

-Best response going door to door: "Yeah, I'm leaning towards Obama, but I'd be willing to hear more about the other guy. I'd listen to him, but he don't talk nice. So I don't."

-Also awesome was the story of a woman whose Obama sign was stolen, and went to his HQ the next day for two replacements. She informed us that she planned on protecting the replacements by having her husband rig an electric charge to the metal on the signs. Judging by the detail in her description, there's about a 90% chance she was being serious.

-If you don't watch it for a while, it's easy to forget just how biased Fox news is. It's worth a check every couple of months to remind yourself why media matters is an essential part of the progressive infrastructure.

-I've done some traveling in other much more geographically southern parts of the country, but southwest Virginia has a much more southern feel than it's longitude implies. Proof:

It's been a great time down here, the people could not be nicer and the scenery is beautiful. Back in DC late tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to a couple more trips before the election.


  1. Feel Real yet?

  2. Dude, this is so awesome. Keep us updated!

  3. argh, that's awesome. i mean other than that sandwich.

    keep up the good work