Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is Pretty Cool

I think.


  1. very cool. its this kind of stuff that makes me believe this,0,6480177.story can't possibly be true.

  2. Okay, awesome, but let's be fair here. Every one of those people was a white suburbanite. Actually, it was kinda eerie. I'm used to those types of videos - collected testimonials - trying to capture a larger demographic swath of America. Even Mac ads :-P.

    Those types of voters will have the chance to make a difference in the suburbs of Denver, in New Hampshire, and in NoVa, but they are not representative of swing voters in the rust belt, or (I think) in Florida.

    Nonetheless, it is compelling. Especially that kid saying he would set aside abortion for a cycle, because America should have higher priorities.

  3. @nimsofa: Yeah, agreed. Also stuff like this. Bwahahaha.

    @noah: Yeah, it's totally anecdotal, and therefore bullshit to you take it as evidence for a global trend. But, as with Jon Winet's videos, it's nice to have a face to put to these people we just sort of postulate about, and actually hearing some of those arguments said out loud could convince other, like-minded voters.

    How do you know that they're suburbanites, though? I can't find anything any hint about their homes other than the fact that the project founder's dad went to Ohio State.