Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Which Side Are You On?

It's nice when a news story captures the different the groups supporting and opposing a bill, and allows the readers to infer what their motives could be. When discussing the Employee Free Choice Act, they seem to be pretty common. Take this The Philadelphia Inquirer story: (Via SEIU blog)
In the first week of February, both sides sent their troops to Washington to lobby in well-publicized events. Union workers delivered a petition with more than a million signatures supporting the act. The National Association of Manufacturers dispatched 50 chief executives.
As Michael Whitney put it:

One million working people in favor of the Employee Free Choice Act, or 50 CEOs opposed to it.

At the rally I was hoping that we'd march over to the anti-EFCA strategy meeting (where the 50 CEOs were) to make the contrast obvious, and hopefully get some media attention.

There's a reason that those opposing this bill don't have marches or events, and it would be nice if the media started taking up that angle on a regular basis.

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