Friday, February 20, 2009

The Train of Thought Lounge: Chester French

This duo's name has been popping up all over the interwebs, from Talib Kweli's blog, to our very own friend blog Talk Is Costley, just to name a few. I don't know very much about them, other than the fact that they're signed to The Neptunes' Star Trak label, which means they must be pretty awesome.

I just peeped this video last night and the song is otherworldly. From its melody to its complex verse-chorus-bridge structure, this track is a certified jam. The video is extremely violent (not for the weak-hearted!) and is not in any way an attempt by me to make light of the recent Chris Brown-Rihanna situation. I swear.

The song fuckin' rocks, though. Enjoy!


  1. argh it says it isnt available outside the us, can you transcribe yourself humming the song or something so that i can get an idea of what it sounds like?