Friday, February 27, 2009

The Train of Thought Lounge: The Kooks

Time for another British pop/rock group! This time, it comes in the form of The Kooks, who are very much in the same vein as Arctic Monkeys.

I actually found out about this band from FIFA '09, which features their song "Always Where I Need To Be" on its soundtrack. A few friend referrals later, and their latest album Konk had attained heavy rotation status in my music library. I'm a little bit late on their hype though, as many people have pointed to 2006's Inside In/Inside Out as The Kooks' best.

All I know is that their latest effort has numerous jams, including but not limited to today's featured track "Stormy Weather."

(And no, JJ, not the famed, yet ill-fated Stash House song).

Stormy Weather - The Kooks

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