Monday, February 2, 2009


Four years ago Internet Republicans rallied to the defense of Bush and Brownie, blaming the media for exaggerating the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Once the details became too horrific to downplay, the claims shifted to saying that the victims were actually to blame (if they weren’t so poor and/or black, this never would have happened! Bootstraps!), and that this was just more proof that the federal government fails every time it’s given the chance (can it really be called giving it a chance, with someone like Brownie placed behind the wheel by Bush? This is a philosophical question with no easy answer).

Now, ice storms across much of the eastern United States have left millions without electricity. While some people have died as a result of the frozen weather, the always-watchful eyes of the freepers have discovered something much more serious: Obama doesn’t care about white people. Here comes the truth that the liberal jew media won’t let you hear, taken straight from three excellent threads on Free Republic. First we start off with becksueb, who remembers Katrina a little bit differently than I do:

He should offer help. At least he should acknowledge them. President Bush was on TV 2 days before Katrina hit begging Blanco to ask for help so he could send in Fema to help evacuate the people.
See, that’s where I recall Bush dozing through a meeting where he was warned the levees were in danger of breaking, but… hey, same idea, right? Next Reg45 manages to add in childish name-calling and a bit of Al Gore rage in one concise post:

0bozo says: You can’t have an ice storm in the age of global warming.
Clever, right? 0 instead of O, and the next part is also the name of a clown… heh, clowns… Better stop laughing though, because Grampa Dave has what it takes to take this game to the next level:

Zer0 and his fellow racists hate white Americans and hope all of us/them freeze to death.
Zer0 is an insult because the first letter of the other nickname they gave him is a zero. Note that this one ends with a zero as well, so freepers theoretically might be able to create a nickname so infinitely recursive that the entire thing becomes a Möbius strip with no true end or beginning. I’m only half-joking when I say that freepers might end up destroying time and space with this one. Anways, Canedawg comes up and finally says what they’re all thinking:

There’s a lot of racist preachin’ going on in their churches- moreso when there aren’t cameras and recorders present.
Going on in THEIR churches- eh guys, catch who I’m referring to? THEM? On a side note, there are also pages and pages of threads in Free Republic where they ponder why African Americans rarely vote Republican. I can’t imagine that these two things are related, though. IbJensen comes along and ruins the game, though- he seems to have forgotten that you aren’t supposed to directly refer to THEM:

Jimmied Carter's infamous FEMA is only to be used to house and feed forever those cities whose population is largely African as those residents are
incapable of self-help.
Whoops, looks like someone is going to need to repeat Being Racist On The Internet 101: Barely Concealing It With Innuendo. NSNR also just signed up for the class:

Yes it is called get back at “Whitey,” and the msm is overly butt kissing.
The future and existence of the Caucasian Race is of no consequence to Osama/BLT terrorists.
Osama should be impeached for his worthless apathy of White Americans.
At first I thought he was playing the clever ‘misspell Obama’s name’ game, but after a few readings I’m beginning to suspect NSNR genuinely believes Osama bin Laden is president of the United States. From what I can gather from this post he thinks Osama was given power along with a bunch of radical sandwich fanatics? I’m going to ignore the content of the post, because I’m not sure how much more racism I can ta-

Hussein is busy giving interviews to Islamic media.
Great, I was wondering when someone would abandon the black angle and go for the Muslim one. Thanks SunnyBobo. Well unless anyone else has anything absurd to say I’ll just wrap it up here-

The Furher cannot be bothered by the suffering of the peasants.

Thank you, ConservativeParty. That’ll do, poster. That’ll do.


  1. Oh man. Free republic never disappoints.

    Also, on an extremely related topic, wanna guess what David Duke thinks about Micheal Steele becoming head of the RNC?

    Hint: He does not approve.

  2. I don't know what you are going on about...clearly Obama is racist, as is FEMA, and all non-white Americans (if you can call them that). At least they didn't use the phrase "reverse racism."

    Thank you for reading this crap so the rest of us don't have to.

  3. What I find hardest to understand is how adamant they are on Free republic against the existence of global warming. Like Liberals invented it as a cover-up story for their insatiable polar bear drowning lust.

    Even Sarah Palin admits to its existence Granted, she does not agree with most Americans/all scientists on the cause.

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  5. JJ- hahah, man, color me surprised.

    Oh wait don't color me, don't want to piss of david duke.

    Kari, re: reverse racism- please dont give them any ideas

    nimsofa- yeah its pretty bizarre, but according to these guys all science and academia is an insane conspiracy to accomplish useless/impossible goals for no reason. every new report confirming global warming is just more proof of liberal treason or something.


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