Sunday, February 8, 2009

Train of Thought Field Trip: Free Republic Does China!

After seeing freepers brutally fail to figure out any subject for themselves over the last few weeks, I started to wonder if they have any opinions beyond “poor people=bad,” “Muslims=bad,” and “black people=bad.” Trying to determine if they can be distinguished from white supremacist hangout Stormfront in any way, I used the Free Republic search tool to find out what they think of China- and wouldn’t you know it, “Chinese people=bad” is an ongoing theme here too! Let’s see what they have to say:

First, Mimirs Well describes a post-collapse China so nonsensical that I have literally no idea where to start- is it even possible to poke holes in something that is itself composed entirely of holes?
The total collapse of China is fast coming. Expect to
see an economically well-off South China with a
dominant Cantonese speaking populace and a North
China where the Mandarins will ride their bicycles.
On that subject, one could take predictions of imminent Chinese collapse and create a timeline that, Friedman Unit-style, stretches back unbroken for decades. I’m sure we’ll see the validity of such predictions within the next six months. Chuck_the_tv_out comes up next, and clearly couldn’t decide between racism and irony:

do the chinese have no concept of individuality? they
seem so ready to accept whatever bullcrap their
media forcefeeds them.
Little from column A, little from column B, great solution. Uglybiker has a burning question:

I wonder if they’ll be donning mao suits next.
I suspect they just might, given that they predate Mao by decades and are still worn by some to this day? Next time I see someone wearing one I’ll be sure to punch them in the face and ask them what it’s like to be a mindless chink drone, though. Marie2 posts this little tidbit that I find, to quote MST3K, absolutely fascinating:

Interestingly, India is also poised to take over China’s
place as most populous nation, if it hasn’t already.
Yes, intriguing. Given that the Chinese 2007 census puts their population 200 million people higher than the Indian 2008 census I wouldn’t call it true, but for an incorrect statement it really does make you think! Salvation has found the way to save the PRC, though:
Things might change for them if they would obey
God’s laws and not kill their babies or not contracept.
That was taken from a thread about a severe drought in northern China, so I’m not sure how having more mouths to feed would help them. If I had to guess I’d say Salvation is far more comfortable with people dying of starvation than using contraception, which actually would be completely consistent with Republican positions. In a thread about a Briton throwing his shoes at Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, Tex Pete becomes distressed by the lack of anti-Muslim posting, and rushes in to fill the void:

He probably is a muzzie, IMO.
Whew, almost managed to make it through an entire thread without something like that. MAD-AS-HELL finishes us out with cutting edge comedy that barely beats Rosie “Ching Chong” O’Donnell’s work:

Liots! Liots! Liots in the street! Just out of curiosity,
instead of throwing stones do they throw rice and
chopsticks at the man?

Hey why don't you come on over here and find out! Hint: This morning I saw about two dozen men with wooden clubs facing down ten policemen (though that’s a story for another day).

Wow, that sure was informative. If anyone has a topic they’d like to get Free Republic’s opinion on, suggest it in the comments and (depending on how uproariously stupid they are about it) I’ll don my protective goggles and go dumpster diving for hidden freeper treasure.


  1. I like that any subject taken up at the Free Republic can be boiled down to an instant 100% good or evil verdict.

  2. I'd like to hear their opinion on aerial predator control.

  3. Your entire article is based on a couple profound fallacies. 1) You confuse opposition to principles with hatred for people as individuals. 2) You confuse taking a stand on the effectiveness of various types of governance with moral judgments.

    Yours are specious arguments and would be shot down immediately on Free Republic.

    If I were cynical I'd say your ignorance is willful but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt since this is the first time I've ever even heard of you.