Thursday, August 27, 2009

Days Until 9/12 Wingnut Parade in DC: 16

Last April the world watched on, awestruck, when the dumbest Americans FreedomWorks could find were paraded around town squares across the country. Anyone who has forgotten exactly how nonsensical these protests were can refer back to my post, or this great thread on Laissez’s Fair which features even more hot wingnut action. The main thrust of their protests was that conservatives hadn’t generated enough meaningless white noise lately, so they hastily scribbled out signs protesting against anything conservative pundits had blamed for ruining America that week. The result was a glorious day of tiny protests whose nationwide totals still couldn’t reach the numbers set by liberal anti-war and immigration protests held in just one city over the last few years. The silent majority has awoken, indeed!

In 16 days we’re set to see the second part of this series, which promises to be a doozy. This one is being organized by Free Republic, so it should be even more of a disorganized mess than the last round. They’ve decided to come to DC this time, so naturally we here at the Train of Thought have decided to pitch in and give them a hand in protesting taxes, human rights, black people, Muslims, Kenya, elections, justice, people not being killed by guns, etc.

Things we’re gonna need:

-Fake moustaches
-American flag bandanas
-Misspelled signs raging in support of the machine
-A camera to capture their brilliant thoughts forever
-A video camera for interviews?

What else? Any ideas as to what our signs should say? How do we best troll these people?

1 comment:

  1. Have video camera, camera, and American flag bandana.

    Remember, we surround them. Or something. Isn't this also the day that Glenn Beck reveals his final solution/err.... grand plan for conservatives?