Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ed Rendell Lies, But Arlen Specter's Record Doesn't

I get the feeling we're gonna see a lot of this over the next 10 months. Ed Rendell:
Pennsylvanians know, and particularly Democrats, know what Arlen Specter has done. On every key gut issue that went to Democratic core values, he was with us.
The funny thing about that quote is that if you look at Specter's actual votes rather than a bullshit rep that he created for himself, then pretty much the exact opposite is true. Kos:

I never realized backing President George Bush over three quarters of the time to be in line with gut Democratic core values. He voted with his party 76% in the 107th Congress, Bush's first, 85% in the 108th, 77% in the 109th, and 70.5%, after Bush's popularity had plummeted, in the 110th.

Apparently, that's all TOTALLY in line with Democratic core values.

One of the few key votes against his party -- voting for EFCA a few years ago -- is now moot, since he betrayed labor with new opposition to card check at the beginning of this Congress. Sure, he was moving right trying to head off the primary challenge by Pat Toomey, but he's still on record against EFCA. (Had Specter reversed himself again on EFCA, his state's powerful labor unions would've likely headed off any primary challenger.)

Oh yeah, and it's good that he's still talking about voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin. That's just what democratic votes are pining away for.

The good news is that against Rendell, Biden and Obama's wishes, Specter will not be allowed to simply douche his way through the primary process. Joe Sestak is officially running, and will provide Pennsylvania voters with the option of voting for actual Democrat in the Democratic primary. You wouldn't think that would be a big deal, so far this race has pretty much thrown common sense out the window.

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