Thursday, August 20, 2009

On a list of things that shouldn't surprise anybody...

...this should figure very prominently. Tom Ridge, chief of Homeland Security during the Bush years, finally owns up to something that was ridiculously obvious at the time:

Ridge charges in a new book that top aides to
then-president George W. Bush pressured him
to raise the "terror alert" level to sway the
November 2004 US election.
That's some serious banana republic-style shit right there.


  1. has anyone here seen the movie W. the way they portrayed the bush administration was like a big game of pass the buck. this really seems to follow as ridge justifies his actions by blaming it on the former commander and chief. he must take some kind of responsibility? right? where was his outrage when these events were taking place? or i guess when the president "pressures" you, even when that president is GW there is nothing you can do while he is in office.

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  3. I believe its called "eating my shit"