Friday, August 14, 2009

Netroots Nation Day 2

Governor Dean is speaking now, and available to anyone on cspan.

I'll be updating during the Specter/Sestak craziness that occurs at 11 AM. Check back around then to see what happens.

11:03- Just saw specter walk backstage so things should be kicking off soon.

11:06- Good first question: Who are you? Why are you here?

11:09- Lots of polite applause for really weak list of accomplishments. You don't need to do it people! He needs your vote, make him earn it!

11:11- Q: Why we should trust you?
A: Ed Rendell and Joe Biden trust me! Trust me!

11:20- Specter: "I support climate change"

11:29- This is honestly a surreal experience. Friend next to me just said "he's either completely unprepared, or he just doesn't care"

11:31- Still a little shocked at how civil this is. Not expecting anything too crazy, just more groans and boos.

11:38- Sorry for not having more updates, the internet is crazy slow, not a good thing at a blogger conference.

11:41- Getting that same sinking feeling that I got when Hillary Clinton wasn't booed at Take Back America before her presidential run. Ugh.

11:43- Good job everyone. Way to let Specter know he has nothing to fear from the left. Enable Bush for 8 years, then come to our conference and get cheered!

11:52- Sestak has gotten harder questions than Specter. Not sure how that's possible with both of their records and the make up of this conference, but it seems to be what's happening.

11: 55- Sestak saying all the right things, but I figured he'd be using this forum to hammer Specter more.

12:05- Kind of strange asking Sestak and Specter open ended lofty questions about the role of the netroots in politics. I'd rather they use this opportunity to hammer on specifics policy questions and differences between him and Specter.

12:10- Sestak just finished up. Pretty disappointing to be perfectly honest. Hopefully I'll be back later with more updates.

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