Friday, August 28, 2009

Glenn Beck- "QUESTIONS!"

JJ and I have been occasionally setting aside time to make fun of Glenn Beck for years, but lately the reasons behind the mockery have been changing. It used to be his douche attitude and general worthlessness of his show. Today it's how visibly unhinged he is during so many segments and the ominous foreshadowing of his "surprise" for America that he plans to unveil on 9/12.

Even by the recent standards he's set for maniacal hosting, his obsession with 'QUESTIONS' over the last week has been somewhat unsettling. Did he completely lose his mind over the week-long break FOX forced him to take? Note the... well, I already said 'unhinged' earlier but seriously it's the best word- note the unhinged performance he put on yesterday:

Does that blackboard look like something put together by the star anchor of the most successful cable news company in America, or does it look like something you would see on a street corner made by someone warning about the desperate perils of cat people working with the CIA to steal your pear orchard?

Yep, I'm definitely excited to see what he's been working on for all these months.


  1. his overwhelming onfidence in the word OLIGARHY almost sared me. I almost wasn't sure that somehow I had been transported into an alternate reality where the letter...oh, god! URSE YOU, GLENN BEK! URSE YOU!

  2. Jesus he's nuts.

    And we can be proud that we've enjoyed his insanity from all the way back when CNN gave him a show for no apparent reason.

  3. @JJ. what can you say? people are fascinated with watching a man slowly loose his grip on reality.
    this was the first video that came up when i googled his name. he kind of reminds me of the best man from the cleary wedding in wedding crashers.

  4. perhaps it is time for another mspaint contest. Earth to Beck: it is time to come home.