Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Train of Thought Field Trip: Obama Lied, Kennedy Died

After seeing the amount of bile Free Republic managed to vomit up when Obama’s grandmother died last year, I was pretty curious about how they’d react to the passing of Senator Kennedy. Sure, tons of Chappaquiddick jokes, but what else? The site index is full of Kennedy threads at the moment, so I sampled from a few different ones. Taxtruth starts out with something that would set the tone for his thread:

Nothing better than hearing about another
dead rat bites the dust.The dirtbag
kennedy owed me money and never paid!
Nice. After hearing that Kennedy was apparently at some point almost signed by the Green Bay Packers, the thread took a surprising turn:

More of a fudge packer fan.
Clever, broken_arrow1- and these guys wonder why they never get any gay votes! Hold on, Renegade is about to chime in:

A Fudge Packer like Barney .
Ha. Oops wait there’s more from JaguarXKE:

Isn’t Barney Frank a “packer?”
Republican leadership really could learn a thing or two about why they never get many votes from minorities of any kind by looking at posts on Free Republic, but come to think of it I guess most Republican politicians are banking on exactly this crowd to keep them in power. Not done yet, Sig Sauer P220 needs to join the pile of freepers going to town on that dead horse:

Doesn’t Bwaney Fwank play with the Packers?
Minor rephrases of that same joke could fill a Field Trip of their own, so let’s move on. MNDude seems to be experiencing great emotional distress from the lack of a right-wing echo chamber to feed off, I hope he made it back to his own TV in time:

arrgh! I’m stuck at the airport and all the TV’s
are on CNN. You can’t believe how many times CNN
has talked about how important passing this health
bill was to Kennedy. Do airports in red-states
play FoxNews, are is it CNN everywhere?
Rapscallion comes up with his own plan to fix health care:

Start by getting the fraud out of Medicare. Then
fix the medical litigation problem. These two
things will cut costs by 40%.
Yeah, sure they will. Now I’ll propose a similarly realistic fix: have doctors wear small hats on Thursdays, and stop giving lollipops to children. These two things will cut costs by 40%. LS worships the predictive powers of Rush Limbaugh:

Rush predicted this a long time ago. All he has
to do is say something just ridiculous, and the
Dems will soon try to do it.
Limbaugh: I think the sun will rise tomorrow morning.
For our final thread, Freepers react to the statement issued by George W. Bush on Kennedy’s death:

Classy. Something that’s in short supply in
today’s world
Huh well yeah I guess Bush managed not to say anything stupid this time-

Gracious and always.
Wait, “as always”? We’re talking about the same guy who pretended to look around the Oval Office for WMDs after failing to find any in Iraq while American bodies were being flown into Dover? Same guy flicking off the camera, calling a reporter a 'major league asshole,' snickering at everything and spending the better part of a decade pretending to be a down-to-Earth Texan? All the things you can call him, always classy isn’t really-

Class, as always, and as it should be.

Hahaha what the hell, Freepers from an alternate universe are back. Luckily Neighbor of the Beast shows up and seems to have kept some part of his sanity intact:

Bush “class” barfalert :(
Well said, well said. Uh, unless he’s barfing because he wanted the Bush statement to be a series of jokes about women drowning and Barney Frank having anal sex, but I’m going to go ahead and just assume/hope that isn’t the case.

Stay classy, Free Republic.

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