Thursday, June 18, 2009

MSPaint Drive #2 Begins!

Let it never be said that the Train isn’t interested in giving back to the community. When we see problems that can be fixed by charitable donations of our considerable artistic prowess, we happily do what we can. Today once again we find ourselves face to face with true, undeniable need- Mr. Ziegler calls. Who out there will answer this cry for help? Here are some basic guidelines for what you should consider giving:

1. David Letterman is bad! Create images that will help rile up the masses and hopefully play some role in getting him fired for making an unfunny joke.
2. John Ziegler is good! Ziegler should somehow be involved in the picture, likely as a tool of Sarah Palin’s divine retribution.
3. Send them to me if you know my email address. Otherwise, send them to the Train email listed on the top of the right-hand column. I’ll wait until 11 or 12 EST Sunday night.
4. Send your submissions in jpeg or png format- please no 80 gigabyte uncompressed bitmaps! Also keep in mind that the column here is pretty narrow, so if you make some gigantic wide-angle masterpiece the site is going to compress it something fierce!

Go wild! To get us started I have two images: one by commenter Nimsofa and the other by yours truly.

Remember: you have until Sunday night to make something magical!

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