Monday, June 8, 2009

The Case For Joe Sestak

For some time now, I've tried to make the case for just how much Arlen Specter sucks.

What I haven't done is make the case for his challenger, Congressman Joe Sestak, and what positives he brings to the table regardless of Arlen Specter's sucking. Luckily, Chris Bowers knows the race and offers a great endorsement:

Sestak is an extraordinarily relentless campaigner--I have honestly never seen anyone better than him on this front. His constituent services are, from what I understand, possibly the best in the entire Congress. His biography and resume are difficult, if not impossible, to match. Further, he is significantly more progressive than Specter according to all voting scorecards. Also, despite the standing ovations in front of the party leadership, there was a stronger anti-Specter undercurrent at the state Democratic committee this weekend then I think most news reports are indicating. You are talking about hundreds of people who spent thirty years trying to defeat Specter, after all.

I don't think many people are Democrats just for the sake of Democrats accumulating more power. People become Democrats because of the causes and ideals represented by the party. An octogenarian Senator who switched parties to save his job and who fails to cross even the bare minimum threshold on many of these causes and ideals is simply not why people are Democrats. The insider relationship that Governors and other high ranking party officials care about are irrelevant to the rank and file. In a campaign this high profile, most high ranking endorsements won't matter much, either. People want cheaper health care, and they don't want elections decided for them behind closed doors.

This is going to be a very close, election. I'm one Pennsylvania Democrat, state committee member, and former union organizer, who is throwing his lot with Joe Sestak.

Once we get Sestak's official announcement, the craziest and most significant primary since Lamont/Lieberman begins.

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  1. The good news is that when Sestak runs,the PA-7th will have a Republican congressman again !!Don't let the door hit you on the way out Joe,you're going to get creamed statewide.