Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pelosi Draws a Line in the Sand

How political power works:
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the Huffington Post Thursday that a health care overhaul that did not include a public option wouldn't make it through the House because it "wouldn't have the votes."(...)

Asked by HuffPost if she would allow a reform package without a public option out of the House, she responded: "It's not a question of allow. It wouldn't have the votes."

As enraged as I've been by Pelosi in the past, having a Democratic president seems to have brought out the best in her. It would have been nice for her to have this attitude during the last two years of Bush when she could have been stopping the Iraq war and not selling us out on trade, but whatever.

Add this to today's great quotes from Obama on the public option and I'm more optimistic than ever about the prospect of quality health care reform.

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  1. huh, I sort of like it the way it is now, where the price of any kind of medical treatment is derived from magical formulas that have no relation to supply or demand or the real cost of anything.

    a foreign poster on Laissez's Fair said it best- hearing americans talking about trying to wrestle their insurance companies into paying for things and getting stuck without coverage reminds him of the 'capitalism run horribly amok' stories from Das Kapital. shouldn't that be a signal that we really need to rework things, and fast?