Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Limbaugh: Completely Indistinguishable From the Dumbest Freeper

I told myself I was going lay off Limbaugh and Free Republic for a while, but then I saw this and renounced all my vows:

“Let's see. I talked about this yesterday, the
four Uighur terrorists that were in Guantanamo
Bay, Chinese version of Al-Qaeda, we released
'em to Bermuda.”

"the four Uighur terrorists that were in Guantanamo
Bay, Chinese version of Al-Qaeda"

"terrorists, Chinese version of Al-Qaeda"

Seriously, this is some unbelievable shit from a guy who is assumed by millions of Americans to have a fucking clue. I’m used to seeing this from random freepers . I’m used to seeing it on the rest of their sites, and hearing about how other conservative voices have said the same thing. Finally hearing it from Limbaugh himself is still somehow shocking, though. People supporting their continued detainment exhibit the ultimate height of all the worst aspects of modern conservatism: a combination of willful ignorance, belligerence, and unthinking hatred. Let’s take one more look at these “Chinese al-Qaeda” types:

“The Pentagon had previously determined, reportedly
as early as 2003, that the Uyghurs should be released.
The Post reported in 2005 that these detainees, who
had been classified as “No Longer Enemy Combatants”
were not only still being incarcerated, but were still
being shackled to the floor. None of the Uyghurs were
alleged to have engaged in active hostilities. None
of the Uyghurs described seeing the United States as
an enemy. All of the Uyghurs who mentioned the Chinese
government described them as oppressive occupiers.”
"Hurf durf I’m Rush Limbaugh and I want to rant about the release of the Uighur captives because reconciling my stupid factually incorrect views with reality would be inconvenient.” Hey, if merely helping someone take up arms against the Peoples Liberation Army is all it takes to become Chinese al-Qaeda, then guess who else qualifies by Limbaugh’s own logic? The CIA. The CIA is Chinese al-Qaeda. Chushi Gangdruk (“Four Rivers, Six Ranges,” a nickname for Kham, or eastern Tibet) was a Tibetan resistance group which fought the PLA for years after the invasion. Who was their principle supporter?

“The US Central Intelligence Agency provided the group with material assistance and aid, including arms and ammunition, as well as training to members of Chushi Gangdruk and other Tibetan guerrilla groups at Camp Hale.”

So the Uyghur organizations fighting Beijing are Chinese al-Qaeda, sounds like the Tibetan groups are too. Does that make the Dalai Lama into Chinese Osama bin-Laden? He’s been advocating peaceful resistance for decades, but initially after he fled Lhasa he did acquiesce to people who wanted to start an armed rebellion- including his brother, Thubten Norbu, who helped the CIA train guerillas. This year was quiet compared to last year, but there were a few bombings and incidents near the 50 year anniversary mark. Will we hear about Limbaugh wanting to throw them into Guantanamo next?

No, of course not. That’s because the only difference here is the only one that matters to Limbaugh and other conservative mouthpieces: the Uyghur captives are Muslim, as opposed to the Tibetan Buddhists. You know I don’t expect much from Limbaugh, but most of the time the people he’s ranting about are politicians who want to stay in office, or celebrities who have put themselves in the spotlight. To go off like this about a bunch of random people who were abducted by our military and then declared innocent years ago, and to use his platform to reinforce completely inaccurate misconceptions about people who suffered for years in a Kafkaesque nightmare care of Uncle Sam, is really low (if not exactly unexpected).

*resets “Days Without Talking About Limbaugh” timer to 0*

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  1. That's pretty impressive even for Rush.

    I think we've said this before, but it really would be fun to see the world as a freeper where every person is automatically deified or evil.