Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A recap of the last few years:

Liberals: Ugh, torture? Seriously? We better stop that, not only does it go against everything our nation stands for but it'll also end up ruining the court cases against anyone who's legitimately dangerous.

Conservatives: *Watch 24, engage in apologetics, lose election after election*

Now, a twist that isn't even slightly surprising to anyone whose views on torture haven't been formed exclusively by the actions of Jack Bauer: "The United States may never be able to prosecute an alleged plotter of the September 11, 2001 attacks because he was tortured, a top Pentagon official said in an interview."

Who would have thought that we'd eventually be able to trace a straight line between Rush Limbaugh gurgling with pleasure at the idea of someone being tortured, and seeing one of the plotters of 9/11 walk? Oh right, plenty of people.

Edit: It's come to my attention that JJ also just posted about torture and 24. Read his, it's better.

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