Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Shamefully Disrespectful"

Matt Yglesias:


Wow. Well, my inaugural good feelings were definitely spoiled a bit by the “Na Na Hey Hey … Goodbye” outburst on the Mall just now. How shamefully disrespectful. Keith Olbermann even thought so!

Wow. Well, my inaugural good feelings were definitely spoiled a bit by the realization that George W. Bush was heading off to live out his life in a lavish home as a multi-millionaire retiree rather than going to stand trial in the Hague. But hopefully Americans can put our differences aside and work together for a better future or something.

I'm with Ezra Klein:
His actions led to deaths of hundreds of thousands, the displacement of millions, and the impoverishment of more than we're likely to know. He will never go to jail. He will never be tried in Court. He will never be poor or hungry or homeless or drafted. And this country, sadly, has done away with the stocks. But he can be shamed.

And he should be. Forever. The self-delusion of his administration is startling. Last week, Chris Beam crashed the celebratory barbecue of the outgoing Bushies. It was hugs and kisses and high-fives all around. It was like watching Lehman's executives reminisce about the good times. Josh Bolten took the stage and emotionally toasted his colleagues. "If ever there was a group to leave government with their heads held high, this is it," he said. Yech. They can tell each other what they want. But they should have to hear from the country they harmed. Bush's awful, unpleasant, disrespectful post-presidency should serve as a warning to executives who would follow his path. Shaming him is not just appropriate. It's important.

Just to clear things up...

Things that are "Shamefully Disrespectful":
-Starting a war based on lies

Things that aren't "Shamefully Disrespectful":
-Being disrespectful to someone who started a war based on lies

I loved the heckling, and hearing it echo over the steps of the capital was genuinely cathartic. And I mean that in a good way, not in a Hillary Clinton "I'm going to ignore the will of the voters" way.


  1. @JJ He may have lead this country into the ground but he is a NICE GUY. why can't you accept that?

    plus the history books will probably remember him as a president of these United States whom shamed his own political party so incredibly that he was not even invited to their convention out of fear that his presence might discourage voters. or ran his 2 terms so corruptly and without conscience that instead of tackling real issues he flamed the fires of American fear and prejudice, and disgraced his own people by promoting inhuman acts on American soil.

    I guess what I am trying to say is you shouldn't kick a man when is so far down.

  2. a voter who express he feelings- a shamefully disrespectful voter

  3. good lord, how much of a tightass do you have to be to find those chants "shamefully disrespectful." i mean that's about as innocuous and light-hearted as it could be. (gasp!) what if someone used... profanity! Oh, THE HORROR!

    get a fucking life...