Tuesday, January 20, 2009


What a day. I thought the speech lived up, with several well crafted lines that I'm sure we'll be seeing again for years to come. I thought is tone and temperament were perfect, acknowledging this moment's place in history but making the seriousness of our problems perfectly clear.

Any interesting stories from the inauguration or thoughts on the speech?


  1. watching it here was fun- i kept finding different webstreams that would eventually crash as more people started piling in. first i had the regular CNN, then some anonymous webstream of a camera, then al jazeera english by way of some other site, then as all the initial events ended and the actual inaugaration came closer even that crashed... luckily i found the stream set up on the senate website, no one else thought of looking there!

    damn impressive speech, and i loved the number of jabs at bush with the guy sitting right behind him. sort of like the colbert press dinner, except instead of a coming from a comedian the insults are coming from the president of the US.

    the poem that followed was pretty disappointing- maybe it would have looked better carved into something, or maybe with someone else reading it? on the other hand, the Rev that came up next was awesome and made up for the fantastically lame opening prayer, so...

  2. The Indiana University campus was ecstatic yesterday. They actually reserved a large room on campus to broadcast the speech. Unfortunately I was in class and missed the ceremony, but I was able to catch it online last night. The bars around town threw Obama parties. I went out with some friend's to Nick's English Hut, one of the more popular places in town. It was weird seeing all of the screens that normally broadcast ESPN showing pictures of the Obamas dancing the night away. Hopefully this feeling of hope and goodwill can outlast the current crises that our country is facing. Obama certainly has been anything but slow out of the gate from what I can tell. Finally we're ready to seek unity instead of division, and it's a shame that it required such dire circumstances to force this country in that direction.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxS9tn7ahv8