Saturday, July 19, 2008

Netroots Nation Day 3: Ask the speaker...

Ask the Speaker... let the bullshiting begin!
Plenty of talking from Pelosi and then... out comes Al Gore!
Clue the arseblogger voice: "That was unexpected"

An Observation about Nancy Pelosi: She talks about her efforts on many issues in the same way I would, and that's definitely not a good thing.

When I say I'm disappointed we aren't doing much to end the Iraq war, that's a reasonable thing me to say, since I'm a citizen and my powers to change that are limited.

When Nancy Pelosi says she's disappointed she wasn't able to do more to end the Iraq war, that makes me want to throw her a copy of the U.S. Constitution, since she is the fucking Speaker of the House, and has more power to end the war more than anybody other than the president.

I'd like to think I had the same power as the Speaker of the House. But since I don't it's pretty frustrating to hear her talk as if she's not, you know, Speaker of the Fucking House.

Oh yeah for just one of many examples of her bullshit on the war, here's an interview from October 2007 about how she was going to end the war using all her powers, including cutting off funding. This was like the third time as many years as she'd made this claim. Lies Lies LIES!

More later, including stuff about this evening a 5PM party hosted by Jim Hightower with free margaritas. If people enjoy the margaritas as much as they did last night, then the 8PM Donna Edwards Keynote is going to be pretty fucking rowdy.

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