Friday, July 18, 2008

Netroots Nation: Day 2

Morning started with two labor themed panels, both interesting in their own way. During the first panel which featured former congressman, head of American Rights at Work, and general beast David Bonior. It also featured a section on the organizing campaigns at the Smithfield, which as usual was very powerful. Having seen people's reactions to the first time they hear about Smithfield, I've basically decided that this should be the cornerstone to any campaign for Employee Free Choice. It is the worst of the worst union busting wise.

Things you learn from watching several panels on Labor: A lot of people attending this conference seem surprised about the amount of union busting (occurs on 75% of organizing campagins). This is a bad sign. I'll follow up on this more when I have time.

For those who don't know, I'm at the conference with my Aunt who posts here as Helen. Because of this I get to do things like eat lunch with her and David Sirota. Uh, yeah.

Kos and Harold Ford was interesting, Ford using the same strategy as he did on Kos which was to concede the majority of the points, and focus on telling people to be careful not to Club for Growth people in the primaries (something that no one has done, but whatever)

I'm about to be a member of Labor's pub quiz team, which goes down at a bar across the street in 45 minutes. I'll report back on that, and whatever happens with the Kos (and other) parties tonight.


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